Mahira Dayal

UC Berkeley Economics, Journalism, Technology Entrepreneurship

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Undergraduate Junior interested in content strategy, social media, data, inclusive and accessible design, writing, and communications. Find my work at The Daily Californian, BuzzFeed, UC Berkeley, and the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology!

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Top resources for navigating the study abroad process | The Daily Californian

Study Abroad 2018 UC Education Abroad Program (UCEAP) Berkeley Summer Abroad Studying or working abroad can be a great way to experience new cultures, languages and different education systems while simultaneously earning course credit. If you're looking for a program that fits your interests and academic plan, UC Berkeley has a range of classes and internships that may be worth checking out.

From the Archives: Summer of Love

Country Joe and the Fish were formed in Berkeley in 1965. The psychedelic folk rock band debuted its first album on May 11, 1967. Its anti-war lyrics and free love rhythm made the record soundtrack for what would later be named the Summer of Love.

Women Overcame Their Fear Of Alligators At A Gator Ranch

We're ALL about getting through our bucket lists and overcoming fears. That's why Devin took three other "Ladylike" ladies - Kristin, Jen and Freddie - to "Insta-Gator Ranch" to befriend Louisiana's greatest keystone predator, the alligator. The ladies met John, the owner of "Insta-Gator."

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Avoiding the misleading media of elections

Most nights, I spend a couple of minutes aimlessly scrolling through my newsfeed before I actually fall asleep. I tag a friend or two on a final post before bedtime, scroll past a cat video and skim a couple of captions and headlines before I set my alarm and call it a day.

Alumni Spotlight: Anita Seline

Anita Seline '84 worked at the Daily Cal during all four years of her undergraduate career at Cal, majoring in English. She was editor in chief of the Daily Californian during her senior year. After graduating, she received a master's degree in journalism from Columbia University.

From the Archives: Journalists in Love

For some of us, The Daily Californian is a go-to source for independent reporting on anything Berkeley-related. For others, however, the Daily Cal is synonymous with love. For this special newsletter, we spoke to couples who met and fell in love while working at the Daily Cal.

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Welcome to Berkeley: A visitor's guide to understanding the unusual

During my freshman year, I was in a class about social movements. It was the most "Berkeley" thing I could have chosen to do, and it was the full deal: We watched videos of Mario Savio giving his famous speech on Sproul Plaza, got extra credit for writing about protests and did presentations on movements of our choice.

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If Brooklyn Nine-Nine characters went to UC Berkeley

College Life Amy Santiago With the whirlwind of emotions we went through with "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"'s cancellation-to-rescue saga, Fox and NBC reminded us how much we really love all of the show's eccentric, funny and witty characters. While the show can look like a simple cop comedy, a deeper look reveals that it effectively tackles important issues such as racism, homophobia and sexism.