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Maha Syeda


Location icon Canada

Journalism graduate and experienced freelance writer/ editor with an interest in beauty, fashion and lifestyle journalism.

20 Celebrity Parenting Books With Surprisingly Good Advice | slice.ca

Parenting in 2019 is more advanced and unique to each parent now more than ever. However, these celebrity parenting books offer researched advice, hilarious anecdotes and much more to support you through your parenting journey. From accidental pregnancies to postpartum depression, these books have every topic covered with precise attention to detail and advice that celebrities used when they found themselves in challenging parenting situations.

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Why My Hijab Empowers Me to Experiment With Beauty

After spending hours dyeing my strands perfectly to get just the right shade of blue, I run my hands through my hair one last time before I look in the mirror and smile in satisfaction. The light bounces off my newly transformed midnight blue hair as it falls in waves below my shoulders.

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10 Muslim Beauty Bloggers You NEED to Follow Now

Thanks to the rise of social media, it's never been easier to find bloggers and YouTubers who celebrate the many faces of beauty. Platforms like Instagram, for instance, have shone a spotlight on talented Muslim beauty bloggers who are working to make the industry much more inclusive.

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Maha Syeda's articles on The Tempest

Maha Syeda is a journalism student at Ryerson University. She's passionate about writing on several different topics, whether it's food, fashion, or politics. She's also a shopaholic and a huge foodie. When she's not writing, she's often binge watching Korean dramas or jamming to her hip-hop playlist.

A Fashion Guide to Modest Streetwear For Women

Muslim women are finally getting more options on the trends they can wear without compromising their style or modesty. Thanks to the modest fashion movement, closets no longer have to be limited to oversized cardigans but instead women can join in on the latest trends and make it known that they can dress with the best.

What the Fashion Industry's Embrace of Modest Clothing Means to Me As a Muslim Woman

Modest fashion is finally having its moment after gaining mainstream traction and popularity over the past couple of years, and as a Muslim woman, it feels like it's been a long time coming. This recent inclusion means a lot to me because when I was growing up, I never had the same options that every other girl did when it came to clothing.

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