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Watching The Handmaid's Tale in post-Zia Pakistan

Before you get any ideas, this isn't a rant about the trust issues you have developed because your domestic help asked for a 3-day leave but came back after 13 days. This is about the best show in the history of television and yes, I mean better than Game of Thrones too - excuse my heresy.

The Friday Times

Ever wonder who is the epitome of a Greek goddess? J.Lo, you know? Jenny from the Block? Now I understand it might be too much of an exaggeration to assume that she has never had Botox injected into every inch of her body but whatever anti-ageing injections she has been getting, those are the right kind.

The Friday Times
Welcome to the committee!

Graduation blues are hard. Harder when you don't have a job. Hardest when you feel ambitionless. Ambition, I believe, is a widely overrated thing. When you're privileged enough to not care about putting food on the table or don't have any families to support, how many of us feel an innate desire to work towards something?

The Friday Times
Of crownless kings and hidden royalty

All that rises must fall. If there is anything we can conclude from the times we live in, it should be the fact that life is transient. Have you ever wondered what happened to the exotic royal dynasties that chose to be a part of Pakistan in 1947?


The Friday Times
How to spin a tale for a Pakistani film

Tell us about yourself. You are a part of the corporate world and you have a strong creative aesthetic. How does this balance work? I have been part of the advertising industry as a creative/concept writer for a long time. Advertising can be creatively restrictive at times.

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