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Managing Editor

I am a writer and former Managing Editor at Bushwick Daily where I edited and wrote hundreds of culture, local news, and lifestyle stories.

I hold an MA in Creative Writing from Miami University (Ohio) and a BA in English from Lawrence University.

20 Places You Have to Visit in LA 2019

Los Angeles is famous for its sprawl-but it's also famous for its distinctive neighborhoods, international communities, awesome sites, and hidden gems. So-in a city where even strip malls can hold treasures, the main question becomes: where do you even start? Use this handy list of 20 amazing places to visit in LA to begin crafting your perfect trip.

Bushwick Daily
Alexander Wang Delivered on His Promise To Turn the Neighborhood into #Wangfest

Alexander Wang's big fashion week show was not held in a Bushwick warehouse after all. Instead, the designer brought his chic designs directly to the street last Saturday night! The edgy, young designer with an a-list entourage announced last week that he would bring his unmistakable brand of design mixed with pageantry to a secret location in Bushwick.

Bushwick Daily
Brooklyn Steel Opens Tomorrow, Foreshadowing a New Trend in Music Industry Consolidation

There's no doubt that the music scene in Brooklyn and NYC at large is in flux. From festival newcomers to DIY venues barely hanging on to major acquisitions of NYC grown music empires, a shakeup is afoot. Nothing exemplifies this shakeup more than the impending opening of a giant music venue, Brooklyn Steel, at 319 Frost St.

Bushwick Daily
Bushwick Is a Good Place for Recent College Grads, Report Says

StreetEasy has compiled a list of the best neighborhoods for recent college grads by taking a peek at their own data and the New York State Department of Labor's income statistics to find that Bushwick is the second best/most affordable neighborhood for college graduates.

Bushwick Daily
Bushwick City Farm Will Likely Close at the End of the Month

When community farms close, local residents lose access to green space, fresh produce, and public gathering spaces. And in Bushwick, all three of these elements are already lacking to some extent. Bushwick City Farm has provided seven years of fruits, veggies, eggs, and community to local residents near 345 Stockton St.