Magaly Piscarel


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Moving from Paris to London, and then from Bangkok to Luxembourg City, Magaly has always been a “travelholic” and has always knew that her destiny was somewhere else than where she grew up.

She is not only fascinated by cultures but by diversity too. Learning languages, studying cooking, being a barista, teaching English, studying hotel management then business management, marketing and finally broadcast and journalism makes Magaly a polyvalent individual, always looking for adventures and new experiences.

She won the first place with her group for a hospital campaign by researching competitors, stakeholders, developing the SWOT analysis and presenting the campaign to the clients. She additionally, won the third place at a novel writing context in France. From there, she decided not to stop here and gain recognition for anything she undertakes as her goal.

Who knows what her next adventure will be but this is only the beginning for her.

Keys to international negotiations - Delano - Luxembourg in English

What better than an international audience to talk about a book that aims to increase success in international business? Author Marc Jacobs did just that at Amcham's monthly luncheon. Every first Monday of the month, the American Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg organises a luncheon with speakers willing to share something that matters to them and has an impact.

Freedom versus security under discussion - Delano - Luxembourg in English

Internet security was the main focus at the latest in a series of citizens' dialogues held in Luxembourg on Friday 27 April. Terrorism, organized crime, cybercrime, illegal online hate speech and the spread of misinformation. The ubiquitous nature of the Internet raises the question of whether we should sometimes limit our freedoms to ensure our security.

Beating food waste: team presents to US embassy - Delano - Luxembourg in English

The US Embassy in Luxembourg has welcomed a group of entrepreneurial high school students who came up with "Beatcase", a project that aims to reduce food waste by changing the negative perception people have on "doggy bags". The students were one of the winning teams of the "Start-Up/Entrepreneurship Program for Youth" organised by the diplomatic mission last year.

Luxembourg's attempt to beat the traffic - Delano - Luxembourg in English

Luxembourg presented its new weapon against traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions--carpooling platform "CoPilote". 250,000 empty car seats enter Luxembourg City every day, according to a 2017 mobility survey. This was one of the figures that prompted the launch of a carpooling platform.

Lux private schools cheaper than China - Delano - Luxembourg in English

Luxembourg City ranked 24th out of 41 as the most expensive for international private education per month. The cost-of-living database Expatistan, has revised and updated their research, comparing the cost of education in international schools for expat families by analysing 41 more cities.

Going blue to support autism - Delano - Luxembourg in English

Over the past couple weeks, you might have noticed buildings and landmarks lighted up in blue, companies' employees wearing blue, and probably heard or seen the word "autism"somewhere. " Light it up Blue" is held to mark World Autism Awareness Day on 2 April, which was established in 2008 by the United Nations; the campaign lasts the whole month.

Seeing the Great War through a digital exhibition - Delano - Luxembourg in English

An oft neglected and understudied period in Luxembourg's history, the Great War, now has its own digital exhibition, the " Éischte Weltkrich, remembering the Great War in Luxembourg ". The digital resource is accessible to anyone who wants to learn more about the impact that the First World War had on Luxembourg.

Group rallies against fast fashion - Delano - Luxembourg in English

Some 30 volunteers have participated in a rally to raise awareness about the social and environmental issues related to the world's garment factories. The march, part of Caritas Luxembourg's "Rethink your clothes" campaign, was held on the place d'Armes on 24 April.

TedX provides keys to success - Delano - Luxembourg in English

It was in a friendly and warm atmosphere that the third TedX Luxembourg City took place on 28 April. From inspirational talks to the organiser's cheerfulness, remarkable performances, surprises and even a delightful buffet, "Uncaging Possibilities" was undeniably a success.

Syrians fight prejudice with music - Delano - Luxembourg in English

"The families started crying and singing along, it was a hymn to feelings." In November 2016, a group of refugees and Luxembourgers fought ideologies together through a poignant musical performance. Two years later, the Ornina Syrian Orchestra returns with its "Hymne au Printemps", an authentic oriental concert.

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