Madison Lynn Haughie

Marketing Manager

Location icon United States

Madison Lynn Haughie most recently worked as a Marketing Manager for Amazon Web Services' Global Sponsorship division. Previous employment was at Cornerstone Advisors, which she joined in 2017 as a Marketing Associate. At the end of 2018, she was promoted to Associate Director of Marketing. Prior to joining Cornerstone, Madison Lynn worked as Digital Marketing Consultant for clients such as SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment, Axiom Zen, and University of Florida.

She is a graduate of the University of Florida, with duel degrees in Telecommunications (B.S.) and Natural Resource Conservation (B.S.). Currently, she is pursuing a Master in Professional Studies (M.P.S.) in Strategic Public Relations at the George Washington University.

In her spare time, Madison Lynn works on the National Bout Committee Staff for the United States Fencing Association. She supervises various national, regional and local tournaments throughout the year. She is also on the Board of Directors for the United States Association of Collegiate Fencing Clubs (USACFC).

Skills: Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Digital Analytics, Digital Advertising, Copywriting, Event Management, Brand Management, CMS, CRM, Design and Strategy.


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AWS re:MARS 2020 - Outreach Email

Amazon re:MARS 2020 is our second annual artificial intelligence (AI) event covering a diverse array of topics and themes...

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Cornerstone Advisors
Cornerstone and the Arts: WICKED Invitation

You're invited as our guest to an evening of Broadway at the Paramount for a dazzling performance of the critically acclaimed musical WICKED on June 18th, 2019.

Cornerstone Advisors
Next Gen 2019 Invitation

Join us for an evening of hosted drinks, appetizers and networking among up-and-coming business leaders, followed by an inspiring discussion with Cornerstone Advisors and Denny Fitzpatrick, Managing Director of Willows Lodge. Denny will speak about building a thriving company culture which he calls THE FIVE I's.

Cornerstone Advisors
Cornerstone Influence Series - DRIVE Invitation

In our inaugural influencer series event, we will be focusing on the topic of motivation. Regardless of career stage, from startup to retirement or second career, there is a common thread of drive (and it is seldom the pursuit of financial success).

Cornerstone Advisors
W3 Networking Group - Personal Safety Invitation

Realizing the full power of our physical presence and strength can be an impactful tool in our interactions both professionally and personally. That's why W3 has invited Joanne Factor of Strategic Living to lead us through a personal self-defense class.

Cornerstone Advisors
Cornerstone and the Arts - The Sound of Music Invitation

Cornerstone is hosting your next night out! Join us for mingling over hors 'd'oeuvres and drinks at the Orso Restaurant. Then take in a show with complimentary tickets to one of the worlds most beloved musicals, "The Sound of Music."

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Sports Writing

Edge of Tomorrow: An Interview with Holly Buechel - Fencing.Net

Most people want to leave their high school years far behind them. For Director (and International USA Fencing competitor) Holly Buechel-whose High School Fencing experience lead her to a post-collegiate career in both serious documentary filmmaking and serious competitive Fencing-the last place she thought either would take her was right back where she started.

Gu claims gold, Homer breaks the Top 10 - Fencing.Net

One week ago Bongil Gu (KOR) claimed gold at the World Cup in Warsaw, Poland and remains the #1 Men's Saberist in the World. However the day was full of upsets for other top fencers, starting with 2nd ranked Alexey Yakimenko (RUS) being defeated in the Table of 32 by 18th ranked Mojtaba Abedini (IRI) in a ...

Zagunis claims silver, Velikaya moves up in World Rankings - Fencing.Net

This past weekend Sofya Velikaya (RUS) claimed gold at the Challenge Yves Brasseur in Ghent, Belgium. After placing behind Olga Kharlan (UKR) twice, first at the Absolute Fencing Gear New York Sabre Grand Prix in New York and then at the Coupe du Monde in Athens, Greece, Velikaya finally bested the World's #1 Womens Sabre ...

Qualification Changes for USA Fencing Events - Fencing.Net

This past year we've seen many changes regarding point based qualification paths for the 2015 Summer Nationals and now it seems to be solidified for the rest of the season. For those that are out of the loop, USA Fencing has replaced the July NAC with the July Challenge.

Szasz wins 2014 Ciutat de Barcelona Women's Epee - Fencing.Net

At the 2014 Women's Epee World Cup in Barcelona Emese Szasz (HUN) claimed her first gold medal of the season. Earning silver was Yana Zvereva (RUS), with Xue Qin (CHN) and Alberta Santuccio (ITA) sharing bronze. Ana Maria Branza (ROU) had her second lowest finish of the season, sitting 9th overall.

Zagunis and Wozniak medal as Kharlan keeps top Ranking - Fencing.Net

Olga Kharlan (UKR) continues her dominance in this women's sabre season with her seventh individual gold medal at the 2014 Challenge Yves Brasseur in Ghent, Belgium, keeping her first place world ranking safe and secure from American favorite Mariel Zagunis. Zagunis finished second behind Olga, claiming the silver medal while teammate Dagmara Wozniak and Dina Galiakbarova ...

2013 FIE Congress - Update - Fencing.Net

Hosts for the 2014 and 2015 World Championships Chosen The biggest news coming out of the annual Congress for the International Fencing Federation (FIE) so far is that Kazan, Russia has been awarded the 2014 Fencing World Championships. Originally claimed by Sofia, Bulgaria, they renounced their rights to it earlier this year due to financial ...

Fencing Around the Web - Fencing.Net

Prep for Budapest Yesterday Leon Paul London's Facebook page posted a photo of their team preparing the finals area for the World Fencing Championships in Budapest. Look familiar? It's the same lighting equipment from the London 2012 Olympics! Speaking of Budapest, TvLevallois Sport on Dailymotion has put up a video about the French National Team ...

Fencing Around the Web - Fencing.Net

Craig is on a well deserved vacation, so your friendly neighborhood intern will be filling in for this week's edition of Fencing Around the Web! Let's get started. USFA's SafeSport Policy What's got everyone talking this week? It's USFA's SafeSport Policy. Join in the discussion on the fencing.net forums, and see how you'll be ...

Havana Women's Epee: Branza Wins Gold - Fencing.Net

Ana Branza Claims Gold, Szasz Upsets for Silver Ana Maria Branza (ROU) earned her second individual gold medal this weekend while also edging past Yujie Sun (CHN) to claim the top spot in world rankings to close up the season. Sun drops down to 2nd after a 9th place finish, while Shin A Lam (KOR) ...

Team USA Squads Finalized, Dyachenko and Limardo win Gold - Fencing.Net

This past weekend was full of heated fencing competition, and the Coupe du Monde Women's Sabre Grand Prix in Tianjin and Jockey Club Argentino Men's Epee World Cup in Buenos Aires were no exception, especially as the last Team USA qualifying events of the season.

Double Gold for Team USA's Foil Squads - Fencing.Net

Nzingha Prescod made U.S. Fencing history this past Saturday when she won the Marseille Foil Grand Prix. Meanwhile Race Imboden returned to his first podium spot since the 2012 Pan Ams with a 1st place finish at the Havana Foil World Cup. Race's victory is the first for a US Men's Foilist since Cliff Bayer in 2000.

Shin Claims Gold - US Women's Team Finalized

The Rio de Janeiro Epee World Cup marked the last qualifying women's epee international event of the season and proved to be intense competition for individuals still fighting for spots on the US Senior World and Pan Am teams. Only Maya Lawrence had secured a spot before the weekend's competition; being #1 in point standings in the U.S.

Russia Claims Double-Gold in Foil - Fencing.Net

The Russian foil squads are exerting their newfound dominance in foil with world cup wins this weekend as the FIE senior circuit hits Asia. Team USA gets another medal from another fencers as Gerek Meinhardt steps up for a silver and demonstrates how deep the US team is.

Jerent wins Paris Epee World Cup

The demise of French fencing seems to have been overstated. This was a great weekend for Team France as Daniel Jerent (FRA) defeated Alexandre Blaszyck (FRA) 15-14 to keep the title at home at the Challenge Réseau Ferré de France. France took 3 of 4 podium spots in the men's epee individual event.

World Cup Round-Up - Fencing.Net

Team USA Fencers boasts career bests as well as holding onto a #2 team world ranking. Xuzhou Epee Grand Prix Maya Lawrence finished 10th at the Xuzhou Epee Grand Prix, a career best. Her initial 11th seed exempted her from the pools and preliminary rounds, placing her in the table of 64 where she defeated ...

College Fencing: The Collegiate Club Championships - Fencing.Net

Collegiate fencing isn't all done just because the NCAA tournament is over. Just as other sports have divisions outside of NCAA Division I, fencing features other levels of collegiate fencing. This week Madison Haughie takes a look at the USACFCs. This weekend thirty-three club teams will be traveling to Michigan State University for what is ...

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