Madelyn Nelson

Writer/Editor & Social Media Manager

My name is Madelyn Nelson and I am based in sunny Tempe, Arizona! I graduated from Arizona State University in May 2018 with my BA in Political Science with minors in Spanish Language and English Literature. I also have a Writing Certificate which has allowed me to explore various forms of writing as well as technical editing and revising.

I have 3+ years professional experience in a variety of areas, such as copy and content editing, journalism, marketing communications, academic, and creative writing, among others. More recently, I have been branching out into Social Media Management and digital marketing. I also have a solid foundation in written Spanish language and translation.

Sober Living AZ
Trauma's Role In Addiction - Sober Living AZ

We've likely all experienced trauma to some degree in our lives. But the effects manifest in a variety of ways. Some of us are lucky, and have the resources and capabilities to overcome these painful experiences through therapy, time, strong support systems, etc, without many negative repercussions.

Ad Agency, Social Media Marketing, Phoenix, AZ
The Evolution of Social Media

In this *special edition* of WIDSIX Written Word, we're celebrating World Social Media Day 2019 by diving into a timeline of the most influential social media networks in the brief yet rich history of the Internet. Because we're an advertising agency (duh) we know better than anyone just how important social media is to successful marketing endeavors.

Ad Agency, Social Media Marketing, Phoenix, AZ
Guerilla Marketing in 2019

Martin Short was right. There's a huge difference between Gorilla Marketing and Guerilla Marketing. But don't worry, the blog post that will teach you how to use primate-themed imagery and copy to market your brand is in the pipeline for next week. But until then, we're talking about Guerilla Marketing.

Click. Offer. Sold.
Sell Your Home FAST With These 6 No-Cost Tips - Click. Offer. Sold.

So, you've got a house you're desperate to get rid of. You want it off your hands, done, gone, finito! The only problem is, when it's all said and done, you don't have a ton of extra cash lying around for expensive renovations or fancy staging. Don't freak!

ASU Now: Access, Excellence, Impact
ASU student named finalist for Red Hat's 'Women in Open Source' award

When a teenaged Nikki Stevens built her first website, she did not foresee the barriers she would encounter in pursuit of her newfound passion. Now a doctoral candidate with ASU's School for the Future of Innovation in Society, she has founded two organizations, works a lucrative career as a technical architect and freelance software engineer and has been selected as a finalist for Red Hat's "Women in Open Source Award."