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I've written for,,,,, NY Metro Parents, and many more online outlets. I regularly write a weekly newsletter for a tech company, and a monthly newsletter for a parenting site. See below for clips.

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

Learn how Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center uses Cherwell Service Management in extraordinary ways. Learn how you can improve your IT service delivery and ITSM processes. Careers
Resume Tips for When You're Overqualified for a Job

Is there anything more unfair feeling than being overqualified for a job? Why should you be punished for being too good?! But if you think about it from an employer's perspective, it makes sense: An overqualified candidate may not want to linger long at a position, and employers like to avoid turnover.

Socrata, Inc.
Goal Achieved: Michigan's Path to an A+ Transparency Rating

Across the country, states are constantly competing with each other for federal funding, for businesses to create new jobs in their state, for planners to book events in their cities, and for residents to want to live and grow within their boundaries. In order to win, states must prove their competitive advantage.

3 Enterprise Companies Share Their Surprising Paths to ITSM Success

In a new report, " How Cherwell Is Transforming Service Management," Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) takes a deep dive into three enterprise companies and their deployment of Cherwell Service Management™, for a view into the evolving, deepening role of IT service management (ITSM). Careers
Do You Know How to Tell If a Job Will Be Family Friendly?

How would your manager respond if you have to leave work unexpectedly because of a sick kid? Do unexpected meetings get scheduled at the end of the day? Are social events with coworkers spontaneous, or scheduled in advance to allow childcare arrangements?

The Importance of Summer Camp Friendships

When summer camp is over and campers return home, many kids experience "camp sickness," a phenomenon that's the reverse of homesickness. "There's a definite yearning to see camp friends," says Dan Weir, director of camping services at Frost Valley YMCA, in Claryville.

Socrata, Inc.
Edmonton's Open Data Program Ranks #1

Pop the champagne and cue the confetti: Edmonton received the top spot in the inaugural Open Cities Index. The report, released by Public Sector Digest and Canada's Open Data Exchange, ranked 34 municipalities - together, they account for nearly half of Canada's population.
Major Recall Alert: Hundreds of Products Could Be Contaminated With Peanuts

If your little one has an allergy or sensitivity to peanuts, you may want to take extra precaution next time you go grocery shopping: a batch of cumin contaminated with peanuts has caused sweeping recalls in companies across the United States, starting in Texas and stretching to the east coast and up to Canada.

Socrata, Inc.
Big Mountain Data Aims to Change the World

For Susan Scrupski, the possibilities of data are clear: with the founding of Big Mountain Data, her not-so-modest goal is to make all the information currently collected by towns, cities, and municipalities across the United States on domestic abuse offenders widely accessible. "I'm trying," she says, to "solve a societal problem."

The Fall of the Berlin Wall is Commemorated with a New Art Installation

The art installation, known as lichtgrenze, or the light frontier, was conceived by two brothers, Christopher and Marc Bauder. Along with the glowing lights, which form a permeable demarcation through the city, large screens will project images of the now-reunified country's past.

An Abbey Reborn

A quick write-up of a newly relaunched hotel in France.

What's an MVP? - GA Blog

A blog post for a tech site defining MVPs (hint: this kind of MVP isn't sports-related).

Networking For Introverts: 5 Easy Tips To Help You Network Like a Pro

For introverts, attending a networking event may be unappealing and nerve-wracking. While shyness doesn't always go hand-in-hand with introversion, introverts tend to have at least one thing in common with shy people: Large groups and conversations just aren't their cup of tea.

Book Reviews
How Do the French Parent?

Book review: Find out what French parents are doing differently in Pamela Druckerman's book, 'Bringing Up Bébé.'


Sweet PSA Reminds Moms About the Importance of a Full-Term Pregnancy

It's tough to hold yourself back from taking selfies during pregnancy: The selfie itself is a hard trend to avoid, and when your body is changing so dramatically, it's doubly difficult to avoid the temptation to document your growing body. A sweet, new video from the March of Dimes capitalizes on the trend.

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Kelly Rowland Confirms She's Pregnant in the Cutest Way

Kelly Rowland, 33, broke some big news with her latest photo on Instagram: the Destiny's Child singer is expecting her first baby! Her adorable pic showed a pint-sized pair of Air Jordan sneakers next to an adult-sized pair, with the caption, "I'll be stuntin like my daddy....." All together now: "Aww!"

The Perfect Pantry

Animated graphic (bottom of the page): Put your pantry in place.
Save Money When You Move

Video script (bottom of the page): How to pack up dishes so that they do not break.


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