Madeleine Argust

Communications professional based in Columbus, OH

United States

I am an organized, independent and open-minded philomath who is eager to improve the well-being of communities through communications. My experiences growing up have taught me to relentlessly pursue self-improvement and personal growth.

After three years at Ohio State, I graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Communication. For two years after that, I spent my time working in the communications departments of a national non-profit organization and a State of Ohio government agency.

Currently, I am a Health Plan Communications Specialist with Senior Whole Health LLC, a Fully Integrated Dual Eligible Special Needs Plan for Massachusetts seniors. Senior Whole Health is a subsidiary of Molina Healthcare Inc., a Fortune 500 managed care company.


Senior Whole Health by Molina Healthcare

25th Annual Golf Classic program book
Tempus sponsorship ad

Full-page ad for an event of which Senior Whole Health was a senior sponsor. I managed the copy creation, design and approval for this material. Created using Canva.

Kickstart Monday
Collection of May artwork

Summary slides with relevant imagery for timely observances and enterprise happenings. Used in weekly internal emails sent to all employees within Molina's Medicare line of business. I have managed the creation of these slides and content of Kickstart Monday emails since I started with the company in September 2023. Created using Canva.

A-frame display stand
Blood pressure screening sign

Sign designed for our Growth and Community Engagement team to use while out in the community offering no-cost blood pressure screenings. A-frame display stand ordered from 4imprint. I managed the copy creation, design, approval and ordering of this material. Designed in Canva.

Internal digital material
Holiday food drive flyer

Digital flyer promoting employee participation in the health plan's annual holiday food drive. Created by me in Canva.

Member materials
Fall 2023 newsletter

Fall edition of a quarterly newsletter sent to all Senior Whole Health members. I managed the editing, approval and mailing of this material.

Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM)

External email
May 2023 OhioRISE Launch Report

OhioRISE is a specialized managed care program for Medicaid-eligible youth and children with intensive, multi-system behavioral health needs. Once my department took over a portion of the communications for the program in March 2023, I was in charge of planning, writing, editing and distributing the monthly launch report sent to external stakeholders. These reports include enrollment numbers, success stories, mental health resources and more. Image copyright © Getty Images

External email
April 2023 OhioRISE Launch Report

Copies of this and other similar reports can be found on Ohio Medicaid's managed care website. Image copyright © Getty Images

External newsletter
May 2023 Electronic Visit Verification newsletter

The Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) newsletter is a monthly email sent out to Ohio Medicaid's EVV providers. Each edition contains program updates and helpful tips related to conducting and documenting home care visits. ODM's EVV team creates the content for each issue and then I edit, build and send it out through govDelivery. Image copyright © Getty Images

Press release
Ohio Medicaid’s Next Generation program launch updated to February 1

Release I wrote for Ohio Medicaid to update the public on the new date for the anticipated Stage Three launch of the Next Generation program. This can be found on Ohio Medicaid's website under News. Please note this was a collaborative effort that involved many reviews, but the initial copy and additional edits were written and completed by me.

Social media
OhioRISE success story post

Social media post shared on ODM's LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter pages promoting the OhioRISE program.

Social media
Celebrating 20k OhioRISE enrollees

Social media post shared on ODM's LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter pages celebrating the OhioRISE program surpassing 20,000 child and youth enrollees. Image copyright © Getty Images

Logo mockup
Friday Focus

Prior to my time at ODM, Director Corcoran began to host weekly Health & Safety webinars to update all staff on the latest COVID-19 news. As the pandemic and agency's communication needs evolved, information shared during these webinars was no longer focused on health and safety. Once the new name was selected by employees and approved by senior staff, I created this rough mockup of a special webinar logo on Canva.

Social media
OhioRISE success story post

Social media post shared on ODM's LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter pages promoting the OhioRISE program.

National Youth Advocate Program (NYAP)

Internal company newsletter
News & Views: May 2022

National Foster Care Month edition of NYAP's internal company newsletter distributed May 2022. During my time at NYAP I was the primary organizer, writer, editor and designer for News & Views.

Internal company newsletter
News & Views: March 2022

March 2022 edition of NYAP's monthly internal newsletter sent to all employees. The designated topics to focus on for this edition were Women's History Month and Social Work Month, which is reflected in the introduction and throughout the other pieces.

News & Views
State Anniversary: Indiana

Each NYAP state has a unique history. To reflect and celebrate that, I interviewed specific employees and crafted feature articles every time a state anniversary came up. This piece focused on Indiana and was featured in the monthly internal newsletter, News & Views.

Internal company toolkit
NYAP Summer Toolkit

This communications toolkit was created in collaboration with my team members, intended to help NYAP employees with their marketing and recruitment efforts during May and June. Please note I did not create the printed material featured in this document. I led brainstorms for the overall concept and organized and wrote descriptions for the featured assets.

Internal company email
Advocacy Roundup

During my time at NYAP I received political content from the Advocacy and Public Policy Department. Once received, I edit for clarity, brevity and AP style. This internal newsletter was distributed to all NYAP employees every Thursday morning. I created this template within Constant Contact, along with each of the graphics. I did not write the original copy.

Printed material
Congratulations, DeLois!

Printed material created to celebrate a member of NYAP's Board of Directors.

The Ohio State University

Communications campaign proposal
Aloha ‘Āina Proposal

My four peers and I created this campaign proposal for our client, Aloha ‘Āina Modern Hawaiian Kitchen for our Public Communication Campaigns course in Spring 2021. Image copyright © Aloha ‘Āina

Communications evaluation
Evaluation of Lush Cosmetics' Response to BLM

I created an evaluative response to Lush Cosmetics’ communications to their audience during the Black Lives Matter protests in summer 2020 for a class assignment. Image copyright © Lush Cosmetics

Communications audit
Coffee Underground Analysis

My peers and I took on Coffee Underground on as a client during our Message Design course at Ohio State. This is the final audit we crafted that includes an analysis of their communications and suggestions to improve them.

SWOT analysis
Adidas Analysis

I created an analysis of Adidas's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for a class assignment. Image copyright © Adidas