Mac Melto

Social Media Expert

Location icon United States of America

I'm a communication specialist seeking an opportunity to put my passion for reaching large audiences to the test by expanding my social media know-how into a business setting. This summer I used my savvy to help with many social media related tasks for Williams Gerard Productions. Below are some examples of what I have been working on. You can click on the title text under each image to see a larger copy.

Twitter Sample Tweet

Here is a picture of a fake tweet I created as part of my social media presentation for the company's executive board.

Williams Gerard Twitter Page

While working at Williams Gerard, I created a Twitter page for the company. As well, I was tasked with posting updates relevant to the company and the surrounding industry.

Williams Gerard Instagram

Williams Gerard created an Instagram page as part of a social media plan developed over this summer. I created content for the page as well as increased exposure and followers.

Twitter Analytics

The social media sites I helped develop started with a non existent following and gained exposure through my understanding of the target audience.

Twitter Analytics

The number of impressions has increased significantly due to careful and deliberate posting even though it has only been a few days since the last analytic post.

Large Audiences

This picture shows my ability to colloborate on projects that reach audiences within the millions. Creating content that is specific to certain audiences is something I enjoy.

Competitive and Driven

My need to win attitude has gained me 4 Big East championship titles in Track and Field. I apply my competitive nature to all pursuits, be it personal, athletic, or professional.


Thanks for looking at my portfolio! Please download my resume for further inquiries.