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I like to think that I wear many hats; communications student, freelance writer, and mother are only a few of the many jobs that I enjoy juggling on a day to day basis.
I've always had a strong passion for writing, whatever the topic may be. I love adding my own twists to a story and creating more depth and understanding for my readers to dive into.
My career as a writer has just begun, but it's already been an amazing ride-one that I now know I was meant to be on. I'm looking forward to long, coffee filled nights at my computer researching and creating the most wonderful stories for the world to read.

SGA president under fire for bullying, emotional abuse - Lambda

In June 2018, SGA Chief Operating Officer Amanda Lachapelle spoke openly during a board meeting on how the office had become a hostile working environment since the election of the new SGA President, Tommi-Lee Gauthier. After Lachapelle's complaints, the SGA board of directors assembled a human resources team to help aid the[...]

Laurentian investigating hazing on men's soccer team - Lambda

Laurentian University has launched an investigation into allegations of hazing on the varsity men's soccer team. While the university is not discussing specifics about the investigation, Laurentian's Chief of Staff, Alex Freedman, told Lambda that "the university takes any such allegations very seriously." "The university has received a complaint and we're investigating" Freedman said.

After West Rez assault, Laurentian students wonder about campus safety - Lambda

Around 3:30 a.m. on Saturday, October 27, 2018 Greater Sudbury Police received a call regarding an alleged assault that had taken place on campus at Laurentian University sometime after 2:00 a.m. According to Kaitlyn Dunn, Corporate Communications Coordinator for the Greater Sudbury Police Service (GSPS), "the information received was that while in a dorm[...]

Game Summary

Enjoy live scores from all 19 games at the 2018 TELUS Cup, at the Sudbury Community Arena, Sudbury, Ontario. Check out live streams of all preliminary-round games and the semifinals at

Student solidarity event draws large crowds in support of striking faculty

Students joined the Laurentian University Faculty Association (LUFA) on the picket lines on October 2, 2017,to show their solidarity and support for professors during the university's labor disruption. Social work students Stephanie Brown and Christine Neilsen were the primary organizers behind the event.

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How to stay mentally well and motivated in "the New Year slump"

The holidays are done, your time off is up, and it's back to the grind. For some this is an exciting time; they've made their new year's resolutions, their day planner is filled to the nines, and they're ready to take on 2017. Well, good for them but let's be real, that's not how we all feel.

Students panic after receiving "Failed pre-requisites" email from Registration office

The "Failed pre-requisites" email mass-delivered to Laurentian students the afternoon of January 10, 2017 resulted in widespread panic among those who had yet to receive all of their first semester marks. Laurentian's registration office sent out the message to the entire student body, explaining what to do if you have failed a course that is a pre-requisite for the follow-up course.

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