Maanus Puust



I've always pondered about the meaning and truth behind things. Could say that I'm a philosopher to many, I find myself quite often deep in thought and when I come out of it, I like to enjoy my time traveling and going on spontaneous adventures. Spending time in the great outdoors is an essential recharge for my soul.
I started writing poetry when i was 14, my essays and works were good, especially in English classes, where I found most freedom to express myself uniquely. I've always loved writing - I feel like that is the place where I can put the most of my passion and soul in.

No mind

A short poem about darker moments.

Private Client
The wild of Oslo

In the midst of our journey in Oslo, we met a very unique man. Finding the path to his home, we had a very warm and beautiful experience.


To wonder throughout life, where does it lead?

Private Client
My love

A poem capturing the intense love that a lover may feel.