Lynn Peithman Stock

Writer and Editor

United States

At heart, I am a problem solver, a project manager and executor. I listen to other’s exceptional ideas and then develop a strategic, detailed plan to successfully execute them.

I have experience on daily, weekly and monthly publications, so short-term — and long-term — deadlines do not faze me. I have a knack for quickly sizing up any project to outline all the steps needed to bring a vision and ideas to life.

I excel at editing, proofreading, storytelling (both nurturing writers to tell good stories, and writing and reporting my own), page design and designing editorial packages full of narrative, infographics, photography and illustrations.

• Experienced storyteller, editor, writer and news team manager.
• A quick study with strong organizational and people management skills.
• Enjoy working in a fast-paced environment, juggling news assignments and experimenting with new ways to tell stories and solve problems.
• Comfortable in digital and print.
• Work closely with writers, photographers, editors and designers to tell stories in engaging ways.

I love seeking out unheard voices and helping them tell their stories.

I am a lifelong journalist, starting my junior high school’s first newspaper, and am a wife, mom and proud UNC Tar Heel. I am the proud daughter of Russell Peithman, who was the long-time director of the Charlotte Nature Museum and went on to create and found Discovery Place in Charlotte, N.C., and of Lois Peithman Wilson and Floyd Wilson, who created and founded Carolinas Aviation Museum, also in Charlotte. In my spare time, playing with color and fabric and designing quilts keeps me sane.

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A Toy Story

Startups don't just innovate with payment systems and cloud storage. Some get to play while they work.

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Piling on since '71

Togo’s takes high-tech approach to sandwich-making as the company celebrates its 50th anniversary.

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A curated diversion

Lucile Packard Children's Hospital invests in art and natural elements as a welcome distraction for its young patients.

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Meet three women small business entrepreneurs who have turned their creativity into money-making endeavors.

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The Organist

Jerry Nagano: Engineer by Day

THINK Magazine
Davina Leone

Introducing South Florida’s Newest Pop Star

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Concierges ...

... Make Wishes Come True

Ocala Star-Banner
Musical Triplets

Watch two of the high schools in this Saturday's marching band competition and you might think you're seeing double. Or even triple. The co-drum major in Vanguard High School's band looks an awful lot like the assistant drum major in West Port's band, who appears similar to one of the percussion players in Vanguard's band.

Travel Writing

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New Chic Vibrancy Enlivens Village at Lauderdale-By-The-Sea

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Sistrunk Gets Facelift

Sistrunk Boulevard Starts 16-Month Improvement Project Designed to Bring Back the Neighborhood

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Las Olas Boulevard

Vibrant Shopping and Dining Destination Poised for Growth

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Sixth Star Entertainment Creates Magic

Doug Jones runs one of the world’s most unique matchmaking services. Need a mermaid to lounge in your pool? Done. Need a huge guitar to decorate your doorway? It’s over there. Want a Tina Turner tribute singer to play your party? She’s hired.

Ocala Star-Banner
Lawn Lessons

Quick: Which crop, corn, wheat or lawns, is the most watered in the United States? The answer is lawns. Yep, it's the green stuff growing right outside your door, the same dewy blades you may have gingerly tiptoed through to get this newspaper. The same sod you may feel obligated to mow later on today, or heaven forbid, spray chemicals on to make it greener, lusher, healthier.

Go Riverwalk Magazine
No Excuses

Businesses Help Employees Get Healthy

Health and Fitness Writing

Ocala Life Magazine
Treating the Whole Person — Not Just the Illness

Mary Kaiser had settled into one of the comfy, elegant seats in the radiation clinic waiting room. She was at the Robert Boissoneault Oncology Institute in Lady Lake for her first visit because of breast cancer - but she was feeling anything but comfortable. A petite, high-spirited lady of 85, Mary had lost her husband of 51 years a mere four months before. And now she faced radiation treatment. "Comfortable" and "settled" were not words she would have used then.

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Comfort Zone

Holy Cross Women’s Center Designed by Women, for Women

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The past, present and future of creating a destination for residents and visitors to live, work and play.

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HONEY Project

Green Conversations: Youth Grow More Than Vegetables in Northwest Plot

Ocala Star-Banner
Bought for a Buck

Last summer, Carol Postley went to an estate sale down the street from her home. She ended up with a beautiful, round, wooden table - and a 100-year-old farmhouse. "It's the first house I've bought for a dollar," she said.

Ocala Life Magazine
A Wish to Build a Dream On

Glancing around the Skill Day Center's new 3,500-square-foot building you'd probably never guess the wishes 10 years ago of Catherine Jones. She started the tutoring center with her family in one of Ocala's rougher neighborhoods.

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The Old Guard That Honors

Arthur Nave and his corps of volunteers report for duty several times a week, boarding their bus and traveling 60 miles to work. They labor rain or shine, holiday or not, and get paid nothing. But the fringe benefits are heartfelt, priceless, and often produce tears.

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What's Cooking?

Learn from Local Restaurant Chefs at Cooking School

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Yalaha: Heavenly Scent Lures Bread Lovers

The 75-year-old visitor stood by the outdoor brick oven as the aroma of fresh, homemade bread wafted through the air. Tears filled his eyes. The simple scent of warm, baked bread suddenly transported him back to his childhood in another land. When the gentleman was a little boy in Italy, his grandmother made bread in their village bakery.

Graphic Design