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Lynn Marie Hulsman is a novelist, journalist, lifestyle writer, health and wellness blogger, cookbook author, co-writer, and ghost writer.
Her books have been published with HarperCollins UK, The Running Press, and Clarkson Potter, among others. She has written articles and blogged for Withings, Orvis, Man of the Hour Magazine, The Forward, We Heart Writing, HarperImpulse and more. Lynn Marie spent years in high-pressure production work editing and proofreading for Big Pharma. She works as a Creative Ideation Agent, specializing in concept writing and product optimization through Thoughtly Crew in Chicago. She co-founded and performed with the popular all-woman sketch comedy group Hits Like a Girl that performed at Caroline's, and The Big Stinkin' Comedy Festival in Austin.She performed stand-up comedy regularly at Don't Tell Mama, and co-hosted an long-running, all-woman comedy show at Rose's Turn, which often featured Jim Gaffigan. She also brings to the table a background in direct marketing and advertising.

Does Rising Obesity Put Nurses' Safety At Risk? — Health Boosters

Adult obesity rates have risen to a staggering 35% in the United States. While this epidemic causes many health risks for those afflicted by excess weight, it can also pose surprising health risks for another group - nurses. Read on to learn how obese patients might be putting the safety of workers on the front line of patient care, at risk.

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Bitter Is Better: Brooklyn's Bottle of Amaro Is Our Newest Amore — Bartender

Stocking your bar cart for fall and winter? Don't forget the amaro. After a summer featuring the Aperol Spritz as the star of the bar, along with a millennial-driven desire for decreased sugar and more sophisticated, uncommon flavors, bitter - as they say - is the new black. Amaro (meanin

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Women's Sweaters: Essential and Iconic — Products We Love

Written By: Lynn Marie Hulsman WhisperKnit Button-Henley Sweater Photo via The run-up to the ringing in of 2015 had me thinking about how I want my life to be. As the New Year unfolds, laden with hope and promise, my focus is on what really matters. I want to clear.

Ready To Become A Lean Green Machine? — Health Boosters

Are greens the new black? Studies show that upping your intake of these micronutrient-rich jewels offers a host of healthful benefits. Green-and-leafies keep cancer at bay, support weight loss, keep you regular, help hydrate your body, and more. Read on to find out why your Nana was right when she preached "Eat your greens!"

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Chef's Special: Sheet Pan Chicken Thighs with Roasted Fall Vegetables — Entrée

The days are growing shorter, and it's clear that summer is reluctantly retiring, yielding to the first scatterings of early red and gold leaves. The arrival of autumn is imminent, and with it come cooler temperatures and longer nights, chunky sweaters and sturdy boots, bonfires and football. And th

Linda Pétursdóttir: Former Miss World Finds a Healthy Balance — Health Boosters

Meet Linda Pétursdóttir, an Icelandic businesswoman who also happens to be former Miss World, a single mother, and a trained meditation practitioner and wellness guru. With an envious ability to balance hard work with a healthy lifestyle, Pétursdóttir uses Withings products to help her stay on track and make the most of her time.

6 Healthy Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day — Health Boosters

Are celebrations always synonymous with eating and drinking to your heart's content? On V-Day may we suggest that you toast your sweetheart with a single glass of bubbly, or indulge in a chocolate or two - rather than ten - from that heart-shaped box of chocolates. If that sounds incurably unromantic, don't worry!

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Dog Car Seat Cover: Dog is my Co-Pilot — Products We Love

Written By: Lynn Marie Hulsman Backseat Protector Photo via "I love the Orvis microfiber seat protectors! They are comfortable and so easy to wash. I like the style of this cover - just a nice, simple seat protector and it's easy to see the dog in the back.

We Heart Writing
Chick Lit Is Dead. Long Live Chick Lit! — Guest Column

There's an old saying in publishing that says everything is cyclical. From my corner of this small world, that looks about right. My genre, as a reader and a writer, is Chick Lit. Feel free to broaden that label if you like: Call it Romantic Comedy, Popular Women's Fiction, Commercial Women's Fiction, or Humorous Fiction for Women.



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