Lynnette Brashear

Freelance Writer/Photographer (all photos on portfolio work of Lynnette Brashear)

United States

Dare to Dream! Strive to Inspire! Those words have been my motto for several years now and every day I try to live according to that concept. I have always had the passion to write and it started in school as a Sports Editor for the school newspaper. I attended so many sporting events as a reporter and supervised other writers assuring our section of the paper met every deadline. That experience birthed a joy of writing. Over the years I have been a freelance reporter/writer, in addition to writing straight copy for brochures, websites, technical writing, business communications, speeches, editing, proofreading and so much more.

I perform freelance work as a ghost writer and also business communications which includes website content, correspondence, e-blast content, technical writing, documentation, script writing, PowerPoint Presentations, and more. In addition, I am the Executive Producer/Writer of Entertaining Strangers, a show I created for the NOW Network; which is a cable station that has a worldwide viewing audience of over 236,000,000 spanning 83 countries. Our show enjoyed a weekly audience that started at 50,000 to 75,000 nationwide to 1.5 - 4 MILLION worldwide. In addition, we had the added viewership of On Demand on Roku, Apple TV and Amazon via the NOW Network. Entertaining Strangers showcased rising stars every week. In addition, I created the website for the show and provide the content and update edits to the website when needed.

Each and every day I challenge myself to complete tasks that will motivate others to Dare to Dream! Strive to Inspire! I try each day to live a life utilizing my skills to assist others in the best way possible operating in a spirit of excellence.

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You Are What You Eat

Article for Communications Department of Mega Church in the Atlanta, GA area.