Lyndsey Douglas

Director | Writers Who


I'm Lyndsey, a professional writer for over a decade. My early days were spent as a cadet journalist reporting solo for a weekly rural newspaper, ten years later I was filing dollar-sensitive ASX announcements for not one, not two but three listed entities... at once.

In between I’ve produced thousands of press releases, crafted hundreds of topical newsletters, ghostwritten for leading industry figures, composed launch speeches, compiled research reports, scripted video narratives, communicated as corporate spokesperson, formulated website copy, drafted annual reports, and published case studies.

From complex concepts to simple advice; my process involves interviewing, researching, editing or refreshing materials to produce effective and engaging expressions of your business.

I’ve ghost written for multinational CEOs, achieved press in every major media outlet in Australia, and worked on highly sensitive topics.

If you're struggling to find the discipline to get content delivered, or the quality of dialogue required to represent your business, engaging a writer or team of writers with a portfolio of proven prose might be the solution for you.

Let my team get you started.

My business, Writers Who, looks after content, public relations and strategic communications for clients predominantly in funds management, wealth advisory, and property.

Below are examples of my work in key categories:
- CEOs and thought-leaders
- Finance and Business
- Property
- Rural and Agriculture


Degustation of different writing styles

White & Partners
B2B client email

The future of commercial tenancy: should you attract co-sharing companies or stick with long-term tenants?

David C Gray website
Landing page

Rewriting landing page for property identity to showcase businesses, developments, property assets and career timeline.

Ray White Rural and Livestock
Press release

Announcement detailing sale of three Twynam Agricultural farm holdings for $115million to foreign buyer.


"It's time for an intelligent debate" by Matt Lawler, CEO, Wealth Market. Blog discusses legislative changes that pose a risks to financial professionals.

Loan Market
B2C client email

Even the Government is suggesting you refinance this month, but why? For Australians with a home loan, you're dealing with two major factors that you should know about right now.

Annual Report

Conveying information on the activities and financial state of a company for shareholders and the market, capturing the annual updates from all company divisions.

CEOs and thought-leaders

Linkedin - Michael Finger mentor and coach
Never waste a crisis

Let me tell you about the time I was exited..

Linkedin - Michael Finger mentor and coach
What we're not teaching young entrepreneurs

Recently I met up with a young lady I have been mentoring for some 7 years, since the age of 15. She's now 22 and completing her commerce degree.

Linkedin - Michael Finger mentor and coach
Doing deals in a pandemic

This week I was put in a very unique situation where coronavirus forced me to make a really tough call. I had an auction set for Thursday this week, and I was approached by James Keenan, our auctioneer at Ray White Double Bay who said, "What do you want to do?"

Linkedin - Michael Finger mentor and coach
The art of authority in a market with less activity

Any agent who has been in the game several decades, and is still thriving, will tell you that one of the upsides of experience is the loss of desperation. It's a bit like golf.