Lyndon Bolton

Roots music writer and reviewer

United Kingdom

I write about roots music; Americana, country, blues and folk. Here is a selection of my album and live reviews as well as interviews with the artists. You can find articles in No Depression, Your Life In A Song and The Bluegrass Situation. Go to the Americana Music Show for both.

I’m fascinated by the origins of the music and how it has developed into such a myriad of styles. I aim to project my enthusiasm for music into interesting, informative and entertaining articles for newcomers and old hands alike.

Your Life In A Song
GIG REVIEW: I'm With Her - Live At Hackney Empire, London - Your Life In A Song

This was my third I'm With Her show in a little over a year and it was the best. Not that the previous two were wanting in any respect, but this one felt the most complete. As well as their own material this time they explored their roots a bit more and the performance seemed just more relaxed.

The Bluegrass Situation
Brit Pick: Roseanne Reid

Artist: Roseanne Reid Hometown: Edinburgh, Scotland Latest Album: Trails Sounds like: In her authentic Americana accent: Gillian Welch, Lucinda Williams. In her home-grown voice: A folky Eddi Reader Why You Should Listen: With her stripped-back style Roseanne Reid emphatically demonstrates how less is more. In a voice that evokes East Tennessee rather than her native...

Americana Music Show
Michael Supe Granda of the Ozark Mountain Daredevils - Americana Music Show

Lyndon Bolton interviews Michael Supe Granda of the Ozark Mountain Daredevils and plays three tracks from Heaven 20/20 and one classic track from the band. They discuss the band's early success and how the band was able to stay true to their roots and their fans over the decades.

No Depression
'Sweetheart Of The Rodeo' Still Kicking At 50

Artists taking a record they made 50 years ago out on the road today, even those as revered as Roger McGuinn and Chris Hillman, could be taking a risk. No matter how iconic the record, even a classic like Sweetheart of the Rodeo could come across at best as a nostalgia trip.

Americana Music Show
Review: MECO by Amy McCarley - Americana Music Show

Preview by Amy McCarley. Q: what connects NASA and Americana music? Give up? A: Amy McCarley. The clue is in the title of her new album, MECO. This acronym, 'Main Engine Cut Off', describes the altitude at which the space shuttle engines could be switched off as the innate velocity of the universe takes over propulsion.

No Depression
The Wandering Hearts and Ruston Kelly in London

Both the Wandering Hearts and Ruston Kelly should feel 2018 has been a good year. Their performances at London's Islington Assembly Hall were ample evidence that each in their completely different ways should appear in several "best of 2018" lists. ...