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Lushik Wahba

Audio Producer

Location icon United States of America

Born and raised in Cairo, Egypt I came of age during the Arab Spring. This was a time when citizen journalism flourished and I learnt first hand the power of storytelling. This is why I chose a career in Radio and Podcasting. While attending the United World College in Mostar (UWCiM) I became exposed to narratives from around the world. I currently produce on the FreshEd podcast and in my own work I focus on stories by women of color.

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Outsiders Within
Non-Resident Object

An analysis of the resident alien's public and private rights in the US.

The Bennington Free Press
The Bennington Narrative

By Lushik Wahba '19 Albeit the respite of extended periods away from the campus, the calmness of reflection does not have time to settle in. Coming back every term I know that whatever resolutions I made while away will dissolve after two weeks into the routine of classes, meals and meetings.