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Luke Zahlmann

Written Content Creator, Colorado State Athletics

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Currently: Written Content Creator, Colorado State Athletics

Past: Rocky Mountain Collegian Sports Director, Colorado Rockies Beat Reporter for Mile High Sports

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Trevor Story looking to join Rockies' sterling history of Gold Gloves

There's an unwritten rule that players must pay their dues before they can enter the Gold Glove conversation. After several years of elite performances in the field, Trevor Story's name is finally becoming a mainstay in the talks. All of the additional work and focus that the shortstop has put into his craft is paying off.

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Opinion: Rockies' payroll is least efficient in the majors, club history

What happens in Major League Baseball when a club that routinely underspent for much of their history reverses course? Ask the Colorado Rockies and the answer would be grim. Slowly, the front office of the club has risen its threshold for funds allocated towards improving the product on the field - thanks in no small part to a large increase in revenue.

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MLB All-Star Game: The league's annual reunion of past pals

Family reunions are a ritual in the United States. All of the same bloodlines come together in a single location, sharing stories, laughs and cherishing the short time amongst their own. As America's past time, baseball is no different. Their reunion, rather than having a funky name, is merely dubbed: the All-Star break.

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The final inning is simply "different" for those tasked with ending it

Baseball is a math equation that often fails to make sense. A 6-4-3 double play - a play that involves the shortstop fielding a groundball and tossing the ball to the second baseman, then onto first base - equals two outs. In what world can the sum of those three figures be two?

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Ryan McMahon's search for peace in hectic sport is his key to producing

The day begins at noon for Ryan McMahon. After pulling into the designated lot for Rockies' players, he enters his second home. He grabs a coffee, then some lunch before the true work begins. Video sessions, batting cage stints and talks with coaches encompass the remainder of his pre-game routine.

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All-Star finalist or not, David Dahl is bringing top-flight value to Rockies

Across the Colorado Rockies' clubhouse, there's seldom a player as soft-spoken as David Dahl. As his hitting reaches new heights of acclaim among his teammates, the outfielder is making waves, even if the national media turns a blind eye. On Wednesday, the league will begin their finalist round of All-Star voting.

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Carlos Gonzalez given another moment to cherish in return home

The experience was weird. For Carlos Gonzalez, not going straight into the Rockies clubhouse was strange. Being a part of another organization, while playing in his former home was also abnormal. In his first at-bat, the club's former standout stepped to the plate. Soon after, Tony Wolters walked halfway to the mound.

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The curious case of Kyle Freeland's fall from fame to demotion

Sitting at his locker, head in his hands, the energy for Kyle Freeland was palpable. He'd just given up 10 hits and seven runs to the Orioles, the league's worst team, and the somber emotions were clear. Freeland was gone, replaced by a low-confidence copy of the fourth-place Cy Young Award finisher of yesteryear.

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Rockies' Jon Gray on a quest to funnel his frustration into focus

A step back and a look up toward the flagpole, no matter the stadium, has become a moment of solace for Jon Gray. The right-handed starter of the Colorado Rockies is on a journey to control his anger, a maturation process that can change the remainder of his career.

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