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I'm a freelance writer, student, hiker, and movie fan. I write about everything from entertainment to politics.

The Williams Record
'Denying Access' filmmaker discusses Indigenous activism - The Williams Record

Students, faculty and Williamstown residents gathered at Images Cinema last Wednesday night for a special screening of the documentary Denying Access: NoDAPL to NoNAPL, followed by a Q&A session with the filmmaker, Jason Corwin. Denying Access chronicles the campaign among various Native American groups to halt the construction of oil pipelines through sensitive and sacred ...

The Williams Record
Bernie Rhie leads Zen workshop - The Williams Record

On Tuesday evenings, most students at the College are knee-deep in work at Sawyer or Schow. Even so, it is not uncommon for the meditation room in the basement of Thompson Memorial Chapel to be filled to capacity. On Tuesdays at 8 p.m., Associate Professor of English Bernie Rhie leads a workshop called "Intro to ...

The Williams Record
"Halloween" packs theater, remains just as popular on 40th anniversary - The Williams Record

Rebooting classic film franchises has been a Hollywood staple for years, and the Halloween series is about to receive this treatment, with a critically acclaimed sequel on the verge of release. The line out the door at Images two Fridays ago, however, wasn't for the latest Halloween film, but rather for a limited-run screening of ...

The Williams Record
On free speech: Developing guidelines for campus democracy - The Williams Record

Controversial guest speakers have been hot topics on college campuses for years now. It's been two years since former President of the College Adam Falk made national headlines for, in his own words, "taking the extraordinary step of canceling a speech by John Derbyshire." However, our divided political atmosphere has brought more radical voices to ...