Luke Holohan


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A hard-working and focused journalist, I have more than five years' experience in the print and online field.

Formerly of RT Digital, I was involved in setting up a newsroom and online verification team. Previously I worked for the broadcaster UTV Ireland. My responsibilities there included: news video editing, sub-editing, as well as reporting on national news, culture, entertainment and sport.

Prior to this I worked with the Metro Herald newspaper. As part of a small editorial team, I helped to produce a daily commuter newspaper for Ireland's capital city. My work has also been published in Totally Dublin and Il Giornale.

RT International
Parisians donating blood en mass in terror attacks aftermath

Despite the French capital being in lockdown, Parisians are leaving the safety of their homes in droves to give blood to the victims of the terror attacks. Mayhem and carnage visited the heart of Europe last night as co-ordinated ISIS-claimed attacks left at least 127 dead and hundreds injured.

RT International
Future forestry: 3D space technology aims to cut down on logging

This otherworldly neon forest may look like a hiking trip bolstered with hallucinogens, but it's actually how a new 3D laser scanning system sees a forest. Developed by an Irish firm in partnership with the European Space Agency, the project uses laser technology to tackle careless deforestation.

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Second secret pyramid found inside ancient Mayan temple (PHOTO)

Archaeologists have found a previously-undiscovered pyramid hidden inside Mexico's ancient Mayan temple of Kukulkan. The giant Chichen Itza temple dates back to the 9th century but historians believe the second 10-meter tall structure, hidden within, is part of an earlier Mayan tribute to the gods.

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