Luke Hawkins

Freelance Creative Writer & Journalist

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A writer of articles, essays and scripts. Media and communication to degree level.

Specialising in arts and entertainment journalism, articles include live performance reviews, album previews and feature pieces. Other work has included lifestyle, health and fitness, competitions and feature interviews.

Cultural Weekly
The Work of Art in the Age of Digital Reproduction: Memes and Marxist Essays - Cultural Weekly

For over a hundred years, the ability to replicate works of art has increased due to the accelerated development of certain mechanical then digital technologies. With this, the appetite for reproducible works has grown in both artist and consumer. Digital technology has offered nearly every industry a global stage, shop window and marketplace, and the art world is included.

Best Ever Christmas
Best of the Christmas Flicks | Best Ever Christmas

Dr. Seuss' classic story has had a number of revamps and retellings. This latest effort sees the fantastically named Benedict Cumberbatch voice the grumpy, green Grinch, determined to make everyone as miserable as he is over Christmas. The eponymous anti-hero is accompanied by his loyal dog Max as he looks to rob the ever-joyful inhabitants of Whoville of their Christmas cheer.

Best Ever Christmas
7 Top Tips for Super Savings This Christmas | Best Ever Christmas

As much as this is a joyous time of year, certain things can become strained: waistbands, tempers and most of all finances. Some will take out a second mortgage on their house to spoil their loved ones - others turn to sentimental handmade crafts and baked treats to show their nearest and dearest how much they mean to them.

Student Rag
Idles last night at the Queen Margaret Union

Make no mistake, Idles are undoubtedly the most exciting band in the UK right now. In the Queen Margaret Union, in the hipster stronghold of deep west end Glasgow, one of the best gigs in years took place.

Student Rag
The enclosed, limited, subterranean space of Stereo only seemed to enhance the moving melodies of...

Ian Felice brought his timeless folk sound to Glasgow; playing at Stereo, in the heart of the city. Felice fronted folk band The Felice Brothers for over a decade but is now going solo and is touring his debut album, In the Kingdom of Dreams. The Felice Brothers material covered the well-trodden ground of folk music: violence, drinking and gambling, but always did so within an atmosphere of camaraderie.

Student Rag
Mount Kimble last night at Glasgow School of Art

Mount Kimbie played to a sold-out Glasgow Art School last night, or Halloween Eve as it's known to no-one anywhere. The electronic duo have been producing their way through the UK music scene, collaborating with fellow NME indie darlings such as King Krule and James Blake.