Lucia Whalen

Freelance Writer

Location icon United States of America

Lucia Whalen is a recent graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago, where she graduated with a degree in English with a concentration in Creative Nonfiction Writing. While in school, Lucia focused her writing and studies around the way in which nonfiction writing can influence a shift to a sustainable world through consciousness and policy policy change, along with the power of rhetoric within the media to affect public consciousness.

A writer based in Chicago, Lucia finds journalism to be the perfect platform for communicating her passion for the potential for meditation, yoga, urban agriculture and gardening, and natural medicine to help solve the current political, health, and social issues that face humanity today.

When not writing, Lucia is working on sustainability issues in Chicago, giving Climate Reality presentations, performing comedy, gardening, and trying to learn the lyrics to every Hamilton song.

Weather or Not

Last November, on a frigid, wet morning, when the weather began to dip into uncomfortably cold temperatures, I walked into work followed by a co-worker known for his sarcastic remarks. Upon stepping indoors, he unzipped his jacket and proclaimed "I can't wait to talk about the weather today!

Want To Help Save The Climate? Tell More Stories

Last week, "An Inconvenient Sequel" picked up where an "An Inconvenient Truth" left off and reminded us that we still have a long way to go in the fight against climate change. Here, a graduate of Al Gore's Climate Reality Project shares her perspective on why we may be approaching the issue all wrong and gives voice to the next generation of activists.

Vermiculture Venture

As a 22-year-old and recent college graduate, I have rapidly entered into the process of awakening to the harsh and beautiful realities of growing up. No one prepares you with an all-encompassing guidebook to student loan debt, credit scores, taxes, the constriction of freedom, cooking, cleaning out the stove when you drop an egg yolk into the burner, and existential aloneness.

Don't Walk, Run.

While sitting on stage in front of a room of fired-up women at the United State of Women Galvanize Conference in Chicago on July 15, 2017, Illinois Senator Toi Hutchinson had one word of advice: The suggestion, or instruction (depending upon your interpretation), was echoed by a number of speakers throughout the day, and leaders including Dick Durbin and Valerie Jarrett encouraged women to run for political office.

Clean to the Extreme

I have always despised washing my hands. At the age of seven my parents required that I open the door after using the toilet in order to guarantee that I physically put my hands in the sink under running water.


I admit it: I love brands. I drool over breezy Chloe gowns in Vogue and fratty Patagonia jackets. I even get off on a classic blue Croc. As aware as I am of the unsustainable, consumptive nature of capitalism, I am aware that I love consuming.

Elements Truffles

Ayurveda teaches us that by living a balanced lifestyle we can achieve harmony and experience our true nature. More specifically, when we eat a balanced diet based on the needs of our individual constitution, we experience a state of balance in our whole being - body, mind, and spirit.

The Impact of Apathy on Local Elections - An Interview with Claudia Medina

Claudia Medina, a current member of the Proviso district school board, stresses the absolute necessity of every vote in local elections. But, according to voter statistics, only 11-13% of the population votes in the Proviso Township elections, despite the reality that 100% of residents are immediately affected by the electoral outcomes.