Lisa Theresa Downey-Dent

VFX Production at day, Writer at night

United Kingdom

Constantly overdressed and helplessly overeducated.

Born in South Germany, raised in the Netherlands, graduated school in Belgium, faced higher education in Scotland, now working in England, citizen of Earth.

I have a passion for all things media, from literature over films and games to YouTube, and try to capture all of that in writing. In my spare time I'm a fashion addict and lifestyle trends aficionado that still tries to convince her parents that all of this amounts to the life of an adult...

West End Wilma
Theatre Review: Stasis at the White Bear Theatre

I write regular reviews for West End Wilma (11.8k followers on Twitter alone). In this play, a mysterious incident leaves the four crew members of a Union spaceship severely injured and forces stoaway Ren to put them in stasis...

The unique features of the new YouTube Gaming platform

YouTube launched its sister platform "YouTube Gaming" which looks considerably different, but still encapsulates the main video platform's core functions. This article explores the 7 unique features that make the gaming platform different, and stand out.

Secrets of Online Distribution

This article is written in cooperation with and Raindance Film Festival. Previously published in the official festival catalogue of the Film Festival and WebFest, it was put online on the official Raindance website.

West End Wilma
Musical Review: Shock Treatment at the King's Head Theatre

Another example of a West End Wilma review, but this time for a musical, and one with a longer filmic history. Shock Treatment is the stage adaptation of Denton USA, which traps American sweethearts Brad and Janet in a shocking live reality TV show...

Wat Vindt Wim? (Wim wereldwijd)
(Dutch) Musical-Review of Bend it like Beckham

This is a co-written review with Sanne Thierens for the Dutch "imdb of musicals" Wat Vindt Wim. Bend it like Beckham follows the story of two teenage girls that share their passion for soccer and unfortunately for the same men...

(German) Film Review of the BBC's "The Gamechangers"

The BBC produced a TV film about the video game company Rockstar and their highly popular franchise "Grand Theft Auto". This is a review of this film that I have written for German Video Game Magazine GameStar.

Personal Blog
Underrated Movies: A Fantastic Fear of Everything (2012)

In my series "underrated movies" I like to review films that, in my opinion, do not get as much attention as they deserve. Here I write about "A Fantastic Fear of Everything", which is stylistically stunning. It's my own blog so I write a little "as I like" more than adhering to any guidelines...

Roosevelt Academy Student Blog
Student Blog: My Life as Lisa

During some of my time at University College Roosevelt, or as it was called back then: Roosevelt Academy, I was part of the official student blogger team. This is one about how study breaks are important, too!