Léa Surugue

Journalist and Science writer


I'm a French journalist with roots in the UK and Spain.

I'm always thinking about creative ways to tell stories, through short multimedia articles, long reads or inspiring documentaries.

Five years ago, I entered the world of science journalism and have since then been happily reporting on a range of topics linked to health, environment and archaeology. Currently, I'm also employed by the National Health Institute in France (Inserm) to work on science writing and communications projects - and in particular doing work around fake news at the time of Covid-19.

I also like a challenge and enjoy taking on other topics. I've written a number of business features for French national paper Les Echos to explore how management practices are being transformed, and how companies are embracing new values linked to sustainability.

Trilingual French-English-Spanish, I also offer editing services and have just completed an Oxford University creative writing short course.

You can find a selection of some of my best pieces below.

Contact me for more information :
[email protected]
+ 33 783 601 898

BBC Future
The fight to bring a deadly illegal industry to justice

The cause of death was easy to figure out. The gun had left a deep wound, allowing Fiona Howie to quickly locate the pellet at the base of the deceased's neck. Spread across the grey metallic table, the victim had been dead for a week.

International Business Times UK
Growing up with HIV: Stigma, secrets and breakthrough

Stigma, secrets and breakthrough. More than 101,000 people live with HIV in the UK. Among them, children represent only a tiny and often forgotten minority. In recent decades, improvements in the prevention and treatment of paediatric HIV have changed the face of the epidemic.

New Internationalist
Against their will

Against their will Lea Surugue and Gisella Ligios report from the Czech Republic where Roma women who were forcibly sterilized are demanding the authorities take responsibility Marta Puskovà was just 23 when she was sterilized. She had recently had her third daughter, and although she and her husband had hoped for a boy, they were happy to see their family expand.

The Psychological Effects of Grieving on Social Media

Vladimir Vladimirov / Getty In the aftermath of the Virginia Tech University shootings, researcher Tamara Wandel immediately met with survivors and college students across the country to talk about the tragedy.