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Louis Rive

Writer, Reviewer and Editor

Location icon Spain

I'm a 26 year-old Scottish writer and editor, currently resident in Andalusia, Spain. My work is featured on Vice magazine where I wrote a series about low-living in London under the pseudonym, Laurence Rivers. I also write book reviews for Military History Magazine.

I founded my own magazine, Talking Soup, in January 2015. The magazine is intended as a platform for people to tell stories about everyday life and get away from click-bait journalism. So far, we have been very successful and I am delighted to feature the works of up-and-coming writers from all over the world.

Let's Ban Rugby from British Schools | VICE | United Kingdom

Thanks to education secretary Michael Gove, a man who looks like he spent his entire school life getting bogwashed and is now enacting his own spectacular revenge, GCSE English students will be denied the pleasures of classic American literature.

Things I Learned Working Every Minimum Wage Job in the UK | VICE | United Kingdom

‚ÄčI've been working minimum wage jobs for a long, long time. I've stacked shelves; answered telephones; dressed up as a Georgian aristocrat; pulled pints; filed, scanned and filed again. I've screamed at paying strangers in a haunted house; mopped up a little bit of shit, quite a lot of piss and enough human sick to fill a Walkabout keg room.

Group Job Interviews Fucking Suck | VICE | United Kingdom

Illustration by James Harvey My semi nomadic lifestyle worries everyone, my friends wonder how I can live without a savings account and my mother thinks I am depressed. I have no regular job and as far as they are concerned, my boat to achievement has very much sailed away.

Talking Soup
Talking Soup | Inside Storytelling

Inspired by the never ending cycle of work and play that takes us from school and delivers us conveniently by the graveyard, Talking Soup is the home of everyday stories told by real people.

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