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Louis Moran


I'm a B2B copywriter and content writer from the UK. I write copy and content for your business that will attract readers, build value, increase sales, and get you a ton of traffic.



Here's Why Customer Experience is the Future

In the past, internal KPIs were the ultimate goal to reach, with metrics such as average call length and abandon rate being used to assess performance. Recently, however, there has been a shift to external factors such as quality scores and customer retention rates.

5 Ways to Improve your Android Phone's Performance Today | VPN Den

Having a slow phone can be unbelievably frustrating. When we've become accustomed to lightning quick devices that sit in our pockets ready to perform tasks at the swipe of a finger, it can feel like losing a limb when they start to slow down.

Chatbots - The 2020 Ultimate Guide (+ Examples)

Chatbots are rapidly growing in popularity. Opus Research predicts that by 2021, 4.5 billion dollars will have been invested in chatbots. Businesses from all industries are turning to this technology to provide better service, optimize their sales processes, and adopt a more conversational approach to marketing.

Why it's *Sometimes* OK to Work for Free - Louis Moran - Medium

We've all been there. Anyone who works under the wonderful umbrella we call 'freelancers', anyway. You get approached out of the blue by some seemingly nice people offering you some work. Great! That's always welcome. Maybe you'll be able to buy that new laptop you've been eyeing up.

How Blockchain's Marketers Can Weather The Bear Economy

It's not exactly a big secret that the cryptocurrency and blockchain space is going through a bit of a bear market. Bitcoin's price recently hit its lowest point in over a year, and unsurprisingly it dragged the entire market down with it. For those involved in the space, this can feel a bit scary and disheartening.