Louis Moran


Location icon United Kingdom

I'm a copywriter and content writer from the UK. I can write copy for your business that will attract readers, build value, increase sales, and get you a ton of traffic.

I work mostly in the technology and education niches, but you can expect high quality, high converting copy regardless of your field.



Why it's *Sometimes* OK to Work for Free - Louis Moran - Medium

We've all been there. Anyone who works under the wonderful umbrella we call 'freelancers', anyway. You get approached out of the blue by some seemingly nice people offering you some work. Great! That's always welcome. Maybe you'll be able to buy that new laptop you've been eyeing up.

How Blockchain's Marketers Can Weather The Bear Economy

It's not exactly a big secret that the cryptocurrency and blockchain space is going through a bit of a bear market. Bitcoin's price recently hit its lowest point in over a year, and unsurprisingly it dragged the entire market down with it. For those involved in the space, this can feel a bit scary and disheartening.

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What Can You Do To Keep Your Smartphone Secure?

Smartphones are becoming an increasingly necessary part of life in the modern world, and not having one, even for just a few hours, can be a huge handicap. As time goes on, this trend looks set to continue, and while these devices are definitely a huge asset to us in life and work, there are also some drawbacks to relying on them.

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5 Ways to Improve your Android Phone's Performance Today

Having a slow phone can be unbelievably frustrating. When we've become accustomed to lightning quick devices that sit in our pockets ready to perform tasks at the swipe of a finger, it can feel like losing a limb when they start to slow down.

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VPN Security is a Big Deal - Here's How to Stay Safe

Privacy has always been a big concern for internet users. It isn't just criminals and cheating partners who worry about their online behavior being tracked - pretty much everyone has very legitimate reasons for wanting to keep things under wraps.