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Interviews Writer and Spotlight Editor, TenEighty Magazine

United Kingdom

London based editor and writer, specialising in features and interviews. Particularly interested in entertainment and lifestyle journalism, digital media/internet culture, mental health, and feminism.

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Jack Dean: Say What You Believe

"I was going to say talent but I'm not sure how much talent there is in the UK YouTube scene at the moment," laughs Jack Dean, when asked what he values on YouTube.

TenEighty Magazine
Josh Pieters: Something To Smile About

Before YouTube, Josh Pieters 's life was on a very different path. He was 19 and had just signed his first professional cricket contract.

TenEighty Magazine
Hannah Witton: Breaking Taboos

She’s the UK’s leading Sex Education vlogger, and has just seen success with her debut book Doing It and its supporting tour. TenEighty chats to author and sex and relationships YouTuber Hannah Witton about sex, changing minds, and using YouTube for good.

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Can YouTube Combat Bisexual Erasure?

Bisexual erasure is broadly defined by GLAAD as when "the existence or legitimacy of bisexuality (either in general or in regard to an individual) is questioned or denied outright".

Teneighty Magazine
VidCon Europe 2017: Recap

Since it was the first time that VidCon had come to Europe, we caught up with co-founder Hank Green to find out the reasons behind it and his hopes for it.

TenEighty Magazine
The Creator/ Viewer Divide

"So, I'm super struggling with the idea that waiting in line to take a picture with me and talk for 20 seconds really GIVES you anything," shared in Savannah Brown.