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Amazon Launched a Private Label Version of Your Product? Don't Panic!

Some brands are on the verge of panic over Amazon's latests move to promote its growing array of private label products. Their anxiety is understandable. Amazon sales make up a huge portion of overall sales volume for many brands, not to mention 50% of all online retail sales.

Best Amazon Promotional Tools for Sellers and Vendors

Promotions are a critical component of any marketing strategy, helping to drive product sales, attract new customers, and boost visibility of your products and brand. They are also a great tool to build sales momentum and generate reviews for new product launches.

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Top 5 Mistakes Brands Make When Selling on Amazon

A poorly structured PPC campaign can negatively impact brands in various different ways. For example, clustering different products within one campaign can make it difficult to to analyze the performance of a particular campaign, since you then have to navigate through different pages of data.

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Five Reasons to Invest in Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

In late 2016, Amazon rolled out a brand-new feature to help sellers customize their product pages with images, headers, formatted text bullet points, and more. We've noticed that many brands are hesitant to invest time in Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), and in part, we can't blame them. Does E

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Bundles and Pricing - SUGAR NIGHT NIGHT

Every child is unique and so is every sleep issue. While some families get everything they need from one or two workshops, other families need more support. That's why we've created three bundles of commonly requested services to give you piece of mind. Bundles are a great way to get...



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