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Lou Cappetta

Freelance Sports Writer, Blogger, Podcast Host

Location icon United States of America

I love writing, sports, and classic hip hop. Former featured columnist for Bleacher Report and writer at Rotoballer. Currently working on my own website and podcast at .


The Nose Bleed Section

The Nose Bleed Section
A-Rod's Ending A Feeling All Too Familiar

As I sit here watching Alex Rodriguez play his final game for the New York Yankees, I'm finding it difficult to describe exactly how I am feeling. The pre-game ceremony and career celebration by Fox, seemed surreal. There seemed to be a bit of awkwardness in trying to celebrate an awesome on-field talent, who, to put it politely, showed a highly questionable character.

The Nose Bleed Section
The Empire Strikes Back

Is the Evil Empire cast down it's wrath on A-Rod by benching him four homers shy of 700?


Spit Balls: 7,630 Days Later

The Pirates first playoff birth in 20 years puts being a "long suffering" fan of disappointing pro teams into perspective.

Spit Balls: Did Jack Clark Use PED's?

Former baseball player Jack Clark shows us how easy it is to turn any player's career, including his own, into a blind PED accusation.

Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report
Air Jordan and Sir Charles: A Tale of Two Second Acts

Nobody would blame Charles Barkley if he was bitter. There have been plenty of great players who were denied championships, and ultimately the respect they deserve, during the reign of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, leaving many fans with a mental asterisk associated with their careers.

Bleacher Report
Like It or Not, Iverson Still Strikes a Nerve with Basketball Fans

Some athletes, no matter how far away they get from their playing days, still evoke the emotions of fans, good or bad. It's why we still are entranced by a Manny Ramirez comeback attempt, or why we watched Michael Jordan don a Wizards uniform, or why we would still watch in awe if Mike Tyson decided to step back in the ring.

Bleacher Report
Carter: The Story of a Kid and 'The Kid'

For those of you too young to remember, being a New York Mets fan didn't always go hand in hand with embarrassment and ridicule. As hard as it may be to believe now, during the mid- to late 1980s, the New York Mets not only were kings of the Big Apple, but fielded some of the most feared teams in Major League Baseball.

Bleacher Report
Eight Years Ago Today, We Were All Mets Fans

It began as a strange evening at Shea Stadium. It was mid-September in Flushing, Queens, and the bitter rivalry that had been the Mets versus the Braves had made it's way to Shea Stadium. It was the time of year when the rivalry was most volatile, with each team staking its claim for a piece of October baseball.

Bleacher Report
Whoever Said Nice Guys Finish Last Couldn't Have Been a Baseball Writer

In the summer of 2009, Red Sox great Jim Rice will officially become a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame. Arguably the most dominant hitter of his generation, Rice was finally elected by the Baseball Writers of America in his final year of eligibility. So, what took so long?

Bleacher Report
Don't Hate the Playa: It's Time to Show Carlos Beltran Some Love

There is a baseball player who plays in New York who arguably is the best player at his position. A player so good, he is almost an automatic 30 homers, 100 runs, 100 RBI, 25 steals, and a gold glove, yet for some odd reason the fans refuse to embrace him.

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