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International Editor at The Red Bulletin Magazine.

Writing about music, culture, travel and adventure sports on a freelance basis for places like: Red. Bull, The Atlantic, Mpora, The Independent, Forbes, Ink Media, Escapism Magazine, Woman Magazine, Total Women's Cycling, Outdoors Magic, Prowl Magazine and Buzz Mag

Public speaker on women in sport, previously speaking for The North Face + SheExtreme Film Festival.

Previously Editor-in-chief at Cooler Magazine/ Deputy Head of Copy at Culture Trip/ Associate Editor at Mpora/ Reporter at The Independent/ Editor at Red Bull

Red Bull
girli: Female Gaze

Electropop musician girli began her career as a label-polished product. With new album Matriarchy, she's crafting music on her own terms: authentic, messy and vulnerable - just like her

Red Bull

Genre-blending British duo Nova Twins are rewriting the rules of rock. We head backstage at the band’s homecoming gig to talk respect, representation and gnarly bass riffs

Red Bull
Jodie Harsh: Life of The Party

DJ, producer and songwriter Jodie Harsh found a home and happiness on the club scene as a teenager. Now she hopes her music can help others find the same thing, too Jodie Harsh is up for a party.

Red Bull
Sudan Archives: String Theory

Singer, songwriter, producer and self-taught violinist Sudan Archives can boast many strings to her bow.

Red Bull
Savage Sensitivity: Hiatus Kaiyote's Nai Palm

Nai Palm, singer of Australian band Hiatus Kaiyote, has gone head-to-head with adversity all her life. Here, she reveals how her art and the power of nature helped her come back stronger.

Gilles Peterson: In the groove

The DJ and tastemaker tell us why his new album STR4TAFEAR is so prescient right now, shares his favourite music of 2022, and makes some predictions for who we’ll all be listening to in the coming year…

Red Bull
Tegan and Sara: Twice upon a time

Singer-songwriter Tegan Quin on the strangeness of heading back to high school to see her life story turned into TV fiction

Red Bull
Jayda G: Spreading family values

The Canadian DJ and music producer took inspiration from her late father for her latest album and says the dancefloor is the perfect place to share stories of struggle

The Red Bulletin
Access All Areas: Orla Gartland

The Irish singer songwriter on the lessons that early success as a teenage YouTuber taught her about creative freedom.

Red Bull
Quinn Christopherson: Telling tales

It was 20 years before this Alaskan singer-songwriter first picked up an instrument, but when he did, he discovered a way to express his true identity

Red Bull
Cosmic Composer: Cassie Kinoshi

Award-Winning composer, saxophonist and band leader Cassie Kinoshi blends science fiction and fantasy to construct music that tells stories about modern society.

Red Bulletin
Teflon Sega: 21st Century Boy

Created as a means of outsmarting the music industry, this 2D anime singer ended up pushing the boundaries of artistry in the metaverse

Red Bull
Mother of Invention

When shooting an inspiring group of women skaters in Bolivia, there was only one person who Peruvian photographer Celia Luna wanted by her side: the woman who taught her female defiance and creativity

Red Bull
Learn how Lucy Cooke is starting a gender revolution in the animal kingdom

© Lucy Cooke Meet Lucy Cooke, a zoologist who's written a book about animal behaviour in a bid to expose how patriarchal biology has underestimated the female of every species. Lucy Cooke is on a mission to debunk out-of-date narratives on sex and gender in the animal kingdom.

Red Bull
Ines Alpha: Virtual Visionary

Meet the Parisian digital artist and 3D make-up designer who’s shaping the future of beauty with her fantastical creations

Red Bull
Jaleesa Vincent: Taking creativity of board

This Australian free surfer has no interest in fitting in. With her new company, Pussy Surfboards, the 25-year-old is creating a counterculture scene in the swell

Red Bull
Stephanie Gilmore: Year of the goat

She was crowned the 'greatest female surfer of all time' in 2022, but 34-year-old world champion Steph Gilmore knows the importance of trusting in yourself while never believing in your own hype

The Red Bulletin
True Colours: Lydia Morrow

Self-taught fashion designer Lydia Morrow reveals how making her own clothes set her free in more ways than one.

Red Bull
Becky Hutner: Cut from the same cloth

One radical clothes designer is attempting to change the way the fashion industry works, and this filmmaker is using her own platform to pass on the environmental message

Red Bull
The Female Frontier

When Vinita Marwaha Madill was a girl, she dreamed of being an astronaut. Now, she wants to fuel the aspirations of generations to come.

Red Bull
Protecting our elders

We take photos to capture cherished memories; TJ Watt is using the medium to save the planet's ancient woodlands.

Red Bull
Jen Gurecki Interview

Meet the American adventurer and CEO who's on a mission to make the world a fairer place, one snowboard at a time

Red Bull
Ending The Whitewash

How Black Lives Matter inspired a surf collective to reclaim the ocean for people of colour.

The Red Bulletin
Theresa Ikoko Interview

How this young British playwright found inspiration for her debut screenplay from real friendship and her own sibling

The Red Bulletin 02/19 - UK
Maya Gabeira - The Gift Of The Gab

Few could turn a near-death experience into a historic triumph for women’s sport. But, thanks to skill, self-belief and a few thousand signatures, the Brazilian big wave surfer has done just that

The Red Bulletin UK
Dropping Science - The Jayda G Interview

Jayda G is exciting the club music world right now with her vintage drum-machine funk and her infectious enthusiasm on the decks. But a career as an international DJ isn’t the only thing on her mind: this queen of good vibes wants to use her rising profile to promote a greater good

The Red Bulletin
Trick of the eye

Three of the world's best street dancers, one mind-bending performance

Escapism Magazine
The best adventure camps for 2018

Crete, Greece When did we as humans stop acting like wild animals? This is the question to ask yourself when you head to this unique camp in Milia, an idyllic mountain hamlet on the island of Crete, for a week of wellbeing that focuses on ' rewilding' yourself - or getting back to your 'wild' state.

Red Bull
This Martian base in the Gobi Desert aims to recreate life on Mars

Mars Base One sits in a dusty arid landscape of endless red rock, with no sign of life in the parched fog that engulfs it. But not everything is as it seems. This is not the surface of the Red Planet, but the Gobi Desert - just 40km from the city of Jinchang in China's northwest Gansu province.

Cooler Lifestyle
Meet The All Female Skate Crews Of 2018

For women in a male dominated sport, feeling accepted and finding your tribe can be difficult. All female skaters know the feeling of being the only girl stepping on to a busy park, then having all eyes on them to see if they can drop in and kickflip along with the boys.

It's Women's Sport Week.... Here's Why That's More Important Than Ever - Mpora

We now know the importance of sport for all areas of life. Being involved with sport not only helps you physically, it also provides you with teamwork skills, self-belief and confidence. It's not a coincidence that 48 per cent of the leading women in business take part in sports, as opposed to only 40 per cent of the average population.

Can You Make Yourself Love Snowboarding In Under A Week?

It's an hour and half since I left Geneva airport and I've just woken up in the back of a taxi to find a wintery wonderland on the other side of my window. This might not seem at all remarkable to anyone accustomed to snow holidays, but it's my first visit to the mountains and the most snow I've ever seen.

Outdoors Magic
Arc'teryx Academy | A Taste Of Life As An Alpine Adventurer

For one long weekend every year, the beautiful town of Chamonix becomes home to the Arc'teryx Academy, a haven for mountaineers, climbers, trail numbers and all other kinds of of alpine adventurers. People come from all over the planet to meet in the French Alps and celebrate a joint passion for the outdoors.

Cooler Lifestyle
"Running Is The Ultimate Freedom, It Gets You Back To Being A Wild Woman" | The Anna McNuff...

Anna McNuff is a born adventurer. The daughter of two Olympians and with roots in competitive rowing, she chose to leave competitive sport behind to pursue a life in the outdoors. Exploring the world through her long human powered journeys, she spreads her passion to every person she meets through her infectious happiness and and excitable personality.

Cooler Lifestyle
"Young Girls Will Watch And Realise They Can Be Anything They Want To Be" | The Lacey Baker...

In a sport filled with trendsetters, non conformists and rule breakers, it can be surprisingly hard for athletes to stand out among the crowd. US skater Lacey Baker however, has always followed her own path. She's an artist, a musician, a poster child for androgyny, a fighter against corporate misogyny, oh, and one of the best skateboarders on the planet.

The CEO Of Burton Snowboards Is Paying For Employees To Go To Women's March On Washington

If you want an example of a head of a company looking to support women in business, look towards Burton Snowboards. In the last few years, Burton CEO Donna Carpenter has overseen the implementation of the company's mentorship program, its Women's Leadership Initiative and its bi-annual Women's Leadership Day in Vermont, as well as the launch of BurtonGirls.com, an online community "for girls by girls."

8 Of The Best Surf Schools In The UK And Abroad

It doesn't matter how old you are, everyone can learn the sport of surfing in the UK, just like skiing and snowboarding , surfing is a sport that many people learn after in life.

Cooler Lifestyle
In Defence Of Being A Woman With Tattoos

It's official. One in five people in the UK now have a tattoo and more and more of them are women. These statistics, found in a survey by Experia, show that getting inked is now officially a mainstream beauty choice, but does that mean it's no longer a taboo?

The CEO Of Burton Snowboards Is Paying For Employees To Go To Women's March On Washington

If you want an example of a head of a company looking to support women in business, look towards Burton Snowboards. In the last few years, Burton CEO Donna Carpenter has overseen the implementation of the company's mentorship program, its Women's Leadership Initiative and its bi-annual Women's Leadership Day in Vermont, as well as the launch of BurtonGirls.com, an online community "for girls by girls."

Wild At Heart | Meet The People Who Want You To Find Your Inner Animal - Cooler

Over the next two hours, I get a workout like none I've ever experienced before, but it never feels like a workout, we're just playing. We run with our eyes closed, putting trust in total strangers, we play in the forest, jumping from tree roots, balancing on branches, crawling in the dirt and getting our hands working on both the ground and on the trees around us.

The Atlantic
For a Week, I Scavanged All My Meals From Dumpsters

Here's what I learned about food waste after sorting through scraps in London. It's 8 p.m. on a Tuesday night, and I'm face-first in a supermarket dumpster after trespassing down an alleyway in central London. I'm not penniless or living on the street, and I'm not sifting through trash out of hunger or desperation.

Could You Eat Out Of Bins For A Week? This Journalist Gave It A Go...

I'm standing in a dark car park in west London with a man I met 40 minutes ago, holding a large plastic bag and a torch. "Here," he says, handing me a black wool beanie, "it might seem like overkill, but loads of shops have much better security now and we don't really want to get caught."

Total Women's Cycling
Bikes Made For Women Who Race: We Went To Italy To Join A Female Cycling Revolution....

We travelled to Italy last month to check out Langma, Liv's new women's-specific road bike. A lightweight, the top-of-the-line spec model which features a full carbon frame and fork and SRAM Red eTap drivetrain. Liv Explain: Why female specific bikes suit the average woman A few years ago, the road bike offering at a top female level was a very different place to today.

5 Kickass Female Eco Warriors Who Are Fighting To Save The Planet - Cooler

These women are amazing, yet most people don't know their names. There's nothing better than being inspired by your fellow woman to do something good in the world. This is why we were so happy this International Women's Day, when Greenpeace gave the spotlight to the amazing women, working every day to protect our planet.

The Memo
9 camping gadgets to crown you the camping champion

Oh the great outdoors. There is no greater joy in life than sleeping in the wild, with the stars above you and no traffic around for miles. While we spend thousands each year on jetting off to boutique destinations, the best of times can be had here in the UK, with a group of your mates and a quiet spot of countryside.

The Memo
Cycling fanatic? 8 fly ways to supercharge your ride | The Memo

With kit like this, there's no excuse not to get your bike out. Cycling is one of the best ways to get fit and enjoy the great outdoors - as well as one of the least expensive. It doesn't matter if you're an avid cyclist or if you only get on the saddle once a year, everyone can benefit from pedal power.

What's It Like To Surf After You've Had A Boob Job? - Cooler

There are many surfing queries specific to being a woman that rips, from surfing during the time of the month to finding swimsuits built for action and not sunbathing. Here's one we bet you've not considered before however, can you surf with fake boobs?

Should You Surf When You're Pregnant? - Cooler

Bethany Hamilton, one of our favourite female surfers, has been all over the internet this week after being snapped surfing while six months pregnant. We love that Bethany is out there letting it rip and proving that you don't need to spend a pregnancy putting your feet up and wrapping yourself in cotton wool, but not everyone as sure about seeing a pregnant women on a surfboard.

The Cost Of Success

Hundreds of graduates in London are landing their rst jobs in the a uent creative industry. So why is it they still can’t a ord to pay their bills?

London artists: how to find affordable studios

With 3,500 artists and designers on waiting lists for studio space, London's creative practitioners currently face a particularly threatening crisis. One of: rising rents, property development, and constant upheaval. East London, which has long been a centre for creative industries in the capital, is the main battleground for this struggle.

No More Page Three founder rallies Shoreditch Sisters

"What view on women and sex are we giving the generation that's coming after us?" asked Lucy Holmes, founder of the No More Page Three Campaign, during a speech in Hackney earlier this week. Holmes started her campaign in September 2012, as a fight against the convention of female nudity on the page three of "family newspaper," The Sun.

Meet The Real Mermaid Who Can Hold Her Breath For 6 Minutes - Mpora

"We all have a little seal inside us, somewhere our body remembers that we have spent time under water. Our body is perfectly designed to dive, we just have to trust it." Hanli Prinsloo, the award-winning freediver, ocean conservationist and executive director of the trust , is talking at the Finisterre shop in Covent Garden on a spring Thursday night.

Pfizer boss Ian Read flies in to put AstraZeneca takeover case to MPs

Concern has been raised that what would be the biggest ever corporate takeover in the UK could result in the loss of thousands of skilled jobs and damage British research. The Government can block such deals in exceptional circumstances if the public interest is at risk, although lawyers have said intervention in this case is unlikely to comply with European trade laws.

New Hoxton independent publisher goes to press

Home " News " Arts " New Hoxton independent publisher goes to press In light of his debut book 'I've Lived in East London for 86 ½ years,' ELL talks to London photographer Martin Usborne about his work with Hackney local Joseph Markovitch, and how it led to the Hoxton Mini Press.

The Button Up Rebellion: where style and class clash

Home " Features " The Button Up Rebellion: where style and class clash A few years ago young men all over east London ditched the trainers, threw away the hoodies and reached for the suit. A neatly pressed shirt and shiny boots became a postcode signifier and was a look summed up through its most important aspect: the done up top button with no tie.


TROYFEST | EVENT PREVIEW Baskerville Hall, Hay-On-Wye Fri 3-Mon 6 Apr Tickets: £72. Seven years ago at Glastonbury after a few too many ciders, a group of friends decided to give the whole festival thing a go for themselves and came up with the idea of "a field somewhere, a marquee and a couple of DJs".