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Free Your Mind

The key to living a happy healthy life? It's all in your head.

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Are You Suffering From Wellness Fatigue?

Lottie is the beauty & lifestyle associate of British Vogue If one more person talks about the benefits of mindfulness, I will throw fermented cabbage at them. Just kidding. But I do have a lot of fermented cabbage, happily rotting away in my kitchen thanks to yet another transient wellness obsession that failed to retain my attention.

The Vogue Guide To Being A Petrolhead

Girl racers are just as excited by turbo-charged engines, sharp handling and savage speed as their male counterparts - if not more so. Lottie Winter is one of them.

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Oil Industry

Summer's most hardworking anti-ageing and beautifying remedies are also its slickest. It's time to apply a little oil.

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How Much Is The "Perfect" Body?

Lottie is the beauty & lifestyle associate of British Vogue Waist-trained stomachs, hypnotic bottoms, unnaturally pert breasts and as-if-airbrushed skin; photos of celebrities with a post-truth "perfect" body flood our timelines and dominate every newsfeed. In fact, so ubiquitous have these abnormally contoured celebrities become, that we seldom question how they managed to look that way - or how much it would cost.

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Shaving Face

The latest big skincare trend is truly cutting edge

British Vogue
An app A Day

The new digital health services give a whole new meaning to the phrase "doctor on call"

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