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Lorna Al-Ani

Copywriter and Content Creator

Location icon United Kingdom

With an extensive experience in copywriting and content creation for a range of purposes, alongside a first-class degree in Psychology, an in-depth knowledge of marketing strategies and hands-on business experience, I can get behind the motivations of your clients and produce exciting content that will engage your reader and influence their actions.
My thirst for knowledge and desire to always deliver the best results means I will dedicate myself to understanding your business, your brand and your customer and use my creativity to achieve the maximum ROI for your business.

eSense Translations
The Challenges Involved in Social Media Translation

Communication and engagement via social media is booming. From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram to LinkedIn, we now have more ways than ever to have conversations with others from across the world. With an amazing opportunity within social media to increase their customer base, most businesses and organisations have also decided to get 'social' and connect with their audiences from across the globe on these platforms too.

eSense BGS
Social Media Influencer Marketing: How it can benefit your business

Many brands are adopting a different approach to the conventional digital marketing strategies by going back to an old fashioned approach with a new modern twist: word of mouth. This digital approach to word of mouth recommendation is delivered via social media influencers.

eSense BGS
Brand Strategy: Have we forgotten the fundamental goal?

This week's blog from eSense is written, in part, in response to an interesting article posted by Mark Ritson at Marketing Week. Last week, he reviewed the new ad created by Heineken, titled ' Open Your World ' and raised some very valid points on exactly how those in the marketing industry are currently approaching their brand strategy.

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