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I work remotely as a freelancer, working as a Content Writer and currently for a public interest non-profit. Prior experience was working in Development in the environmental non-profit sector, writing content for membership, fundraising, and businesses. I have run social media campaigns for six years and enjoy the pace of producing creative daily content.

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11 questions you should ask before joining a board.

To have influence, women must be seated at the table. Policies and missions are decided at the board level, and worldwide there is slow progress towards equal representation at the Director level. Joining a board is a commitment, often for 2-5 more years.

New Poll Shows Statewide Opposition to Juneau Road Extension

The Alaska Public Interest Research Group has been concerned about the fiscal and environmental implications of the Juneau Road extension for over a decade. AK PIRG was part of the 2006 legal challenge of the Juneau Access Project. In 2014 the Governor's transition team strongly recommended canceling mega-projects as a first step to addressing the state's fiscal situation.

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Do you have a map to get to a career in women's soccer?

Many of you have the dream of playing soccer professionally or working in the sport. If you're stuck at how to start or what to do to move a step forward, make a map. A Massive Action Plan. This concept was made known to me from the ever inspiring and helpful Tony Robbins.

Trouble in Toyland Report 2017

The U.S. PIRG Education Fund has conducted its annual survey of toy safety. We are happy to provide these reports to Alaskan consumers and to help educate policymakers and other influencers on the need for continued input and action to help protect the children of Alaska.

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House Party

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Mothers for Alaska

The Climate Commission Hearings were held in Kotzebue in June. Before the actual Hearing, the Commission members toured one of the villages suffering from significant impacts of Climate Change, Kivalina. There they were able to see, in person, what they've been hearing about for months.

Editorial from a "Mother"

by: Lori Fickus Daily Newsminer 4/21/07 Earth Day is time to consider our future On April 12 and 13, the legislatively appointed Alaska Cli...