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Andenne Ceramics
The town of Ceramics, Andenne
Billy's Bakehouse
The Best Aussie pies in the Netherlands
The lowlands city of museums
The museums of Treignes
A roundup of Italy's smaller lesser known literary festivals
Food and drink in Brussels
The best craft beers and the best fish and chips in the Belgian capital
Family safari: Kruger, South Africa - Mums do travel
"In December, I was lucky enough to travel to South Africa with my husband and the kids (14 and 12) to stay with friends and experience the country as a local, which is always...
A Home from Home: Exploring Italian Homestays - Italy Travel and Life
For those looking to discover Italy in a new light while enjoying different experiences and meeting new friends, homestay holidays offer an immersive and unique trip that will...
6 great things to do in Cape Town with teenagers - Mums do travel
This post is by Anglo-Italian journalist Lorenza Bacino . In December Lorenza visited South Africa for a holiday with her husband and their two kids (14 and 12). The family...
Home from Home
Lorenza Bacino's round up of Homestay experiences across Italy, including lake, mountain, beach, country, coast.....
48 hours in Catania
Lorenza Bacino explores Catania and Etna with Sicilian journalist and Catania native, Francesca Marchese
A Family trip to Cefalu'
Spring time in Sicily, an ideal time to visit
Cefalu' in springtime
Ice Cream for Discerning Gluttons
Summer in Rome can be a sweltering affair, and here at Italia! we believe that ice cream is a necessity. Lorenza Bacino seeks out some of the best ice-cream parlours in the city...
Extreme Ambitions
Interview with extreme explorer Bob Bhania, about life, Everest and other crazy things
Villa Vittoria - a luxury villa in Sicily - Mums do travel
This is a guest post by Anglo-Italian journalist Lorenza Bacino, about the villa where she stayed near to the beautiful coastal town of Cefalù, Sicily. You can read more about...
Cefalù, Sicily: travel tips and things to do - Mums do travel
This is a guest post by Anglo-Italian journalist Lorenza Bacino, about her trip to the beautiful town of Cefalù, Sicily, one of my favourite places in Italy. 'My family and I...
Sardinia's secret
Lorenza's Italian side of the family have been visiting Ogliastra for years. She finally decides to take her own family to find out what keeps them coming back.....
A symphony of Aromas
Lorenza Bacino heads to the Langhe region to hunt for truffles and see what else she can find in this UNESCO heritage region
Exploring Pompeii
Exploring an ancient city being restored by modern technology
From the Ashes
New technology reveals more about the ancient population of Pompeii
How you can soothe your painful scars by simply STROKING THEM
After overcoming breast cancer three years ago, Katie was left with scars The tissue on her stomach and breasts was so painful she could not hug Then she discovered ScarWork,...
Rome's Hidden Gems
Lorenza Bacino explores some of Rome's sights off the beaten track
Preserving Pompeii
Forensic archaeologist Dr Estelle Lazer talks about her 30 year labour of love in Pompeii
Tips for considerate travel in Costa Rica
The first direct flights from the UK to Costa Rica launch this month, making it cheaper and easier than ever before to reach this popular eco-tourism destination. But more...
Conservation,canopies and cloud forests
Lorenza's children are animal mad, so where better to explore than the richly biodiverse rain and cloud forests of Costa Rica?
48 hours in Perugia
Lorenza Bacino finds plenty to keep her busy in the Umbrian capital, Perugia
Let us Prey
Lorenza Bacino goes hawking with falconry mad son, 12 year old Max, to find out what he loves about it
The best gourmet Italian shops in the UK
Where: London What makes it special: The award-winning Vini Italiani in Brompton Road prides itself on selling only Italian wines Co-founder and managing director Bruno Cernecca...
Xandari Resort and Spa, Costa Rica - Mums do travel
This is a guest post by Anglo-Italian journalist Lorenza Bacino. In August Lorenza, her husband and their two children travelled around Costa Rica in Central America with Hands...
Family adventures in Costa Rica - Mums do travel
This is a guest post by Anglo-Italian journalist Lorenza Bacino. In August Lorenza, her husband and their two children went on a trip to Costa Rica in Central America with Hands...

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