Lorenza Bacino

Journalist and travel writer

United Kingdom

I'm interested in people and places, culture and lifestyle, society, human rights, international law, food, travel, family, yoga and more

CrunchyTales - Smart Stories For Late Bloomers
Rachel Weiss and the Rise of Menopause Cafés

In this exclusive interview, Rachel Weiss, founder of the Menopause Cafés, shares how she's breaking the stigma surrounding menopause.

CrunchyTales - Smart Stories For Late Bloomers
How To Thrive When Your Children Fly The Nest

Adjusting to an empty nest? Explore strategies to thrive as your kids fly the coop and make the most of this life transition.

CrunchyTales - Smart Stories For Late Bloomers
6 Unmissable Autumn Walks In And Around London

Experience the beauty of autumn in London with these 6 unmissable walks perfect for midlife individuals. Plan your autumn adventures in the city with us.

CrunchyTales - Smart Stories For Late Bloomers
Blooming In Dalyan: The Power of A Yoga Retreat For A Midlife Boost | CrunchyTales - Smart...

There's nothing more important in midlife than taking care of our well-being. It isn't just about the physical body. It's about rebalancing our emotions and feelings as well. That's why spending a week on a yoga retreat in Dalyan was the best present I could give to myself to boost my confidence and recharge my batteries.

Musician Laura Carmichael: "We Feel Fully Alive When We Are Actively Creative"

What do a musician and a leadership development manager have in common? Creativity. Laura Carmichael, who has embraced both careers, is the perfect example of how innovation is much more than connecting the dots. As a clarinettist, she has played with top-notch orchestras and contemporary ensembles like MusikFabrik and MAE.

Unforgettable Australia: A Midlife Mum And Teen Adventure | CrunchyTales

A month-long odyssey of a midlife mum and her teenager son in Australia. From snorkelling together on the Barrier Reef to spotting crocodiles in the Daintree Rainforest and swimming with whale sharks. Here is a wonderful way to bond together, pushing the boundaries with food as well as with adventurous experiences.

Mums do travel
2-week Itinerary: Uluru & Ningaloo Reef with a teenager - Mums do travel

The second half of my month-long trip to Australia with my 16-year old son Max was wonderful. Having spent a week in Sydney and then a week in Queensland exploring the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest (you can read about the first half of our trip in this post), we headed into the heart of the country.

Mums do travel
2-week itinerary: Sydney & Great Barrier Reef with a teenager - Mums do travel

I used to live in Sydney in the 1990s and absolutely loved my time there. My children have grown up hearing stories of big skies, wonderful scenery, sea and sunshine. It was hardly a surprise when my 16 year-old son Max declared his burning desire to go to Australia when we were deciding on a post-GCSE adventure.

Movement Therapist Cathy Underwood: "How Yoga Has Shaped My Midlife Journey" | CrunchyTales

Cathy Underwood has been a dancer, actress, and fitness instructor. After she had her 2 boys, she suffered severely with post-natal depression. However, without that dark episode in her life, she wouldn't have realised her potential to build a multi-award-winning business, Yoga4mums. Now in her early 50s, Cathy's business has evolved: she is working more on a therapeutic level with autistic children and people with learning disabilities and mental health conditions.

Florist Ursula Stone: "Blooming For Good In My 50s" | CrunchyTales

Her new journey started at her kitchen table at the age of 50. Following redundancy, Ursual Stone signed up for a class at Capel Manor College and re-trained as a florist. Today she runs 'The Flower Bank', a zero-waste social enterprise that reduces flower and foliage wastage by taking unwanted produce from supermarkets and turning it into beautiful designs for the local community.

More than just a Yoga retreat | CrunchyTales

If you're partial to a bit of yoga and it's an integral part of your existence perhaps you might be interested in combining it with another activity and expand your repertoire of talents? Most retreats mix this discipline with mindfulness, cooking lessons or healthy eating workshops.

Current World Archaeology
Exploring Pompeii

Exploring an ancient city being restored by modern technology

Italia! magazine
48 hours in Catania

Lorenza Bacino explores Catania and Etna with Sicilian journalist and Catania native, Francesca Marchese

Mums do travel
Family safari: Kruger, South Africa - Mums do travel

"In December, I was lucky enough to travel to South Africa with my husband and the kids (14 and 12) to stay with friends and experience the country as a local, which is always the best way, I find.

ITALIA! magazine

A roundup of Italy's smaller lesser known literary festivals

BBC Countryfile Magazine
Let us Prey

Lorenza Bacino goes hawking with falconry mad son, 12 year old Max, to find out what he loves about it

Hertfordshire Life
Extreme Ambitions

Interview with extreme explorer Bob Bhania, about life, Everest and other crazy things

Mail Online
How you can soothe your painful scars by simply STROKING THEM

After overcoming breast cancer three years ago, Katie was left with scars The tissue on her stomach and breasts was so painful she could not hug Then she discovered ScarWork, and improved after just four sessions... After overcoming breast cancer and finishing her treatment three years ago, Katie Taylor was left with a painful legacy.

Mums do travel
6 great things to do in Cape Town with teenagers - Mums do travel

This post is by Anglo-Italian journalist Lorenza Bacino . In December Lorenza visited South Africa for a holiday with her husband and their two kids (14 and 12). The family spent six days exploring Kruger National Park (you can read about their experience in the post Family safari: Kruger, South Africa ) and also visited the Cape Town area, which Lorenza writes about here.

Italia! magazine
Ice Cream for Discerning Gluttons

Summer in Rome can be a sweltering affair, and here at Italia! we believe that ice cream is a necessity. Lorenza Bacino seeks out some of the best ice-cream parlours in the city to ensure you enjoy the sights despite the heat.....

The Guardian
Shock figures show extent of self-harm in English teenagers

There has been a threefold increase in the number of teenagers who self-harm in England in the last decade, according to a World Health Organisation collaborative study. The Health Behaviour in School-Aged Children (HBSC) report, due to be published in the autumn, will reveal that of the 6,000 young people aged 11, 13 and 15 surveyed across England - up to one in five15-year-olds say they self-harm.

Italia! magazine
Sardinia's secret

Lorenza's Italian side of the family have been visiting Ogliastra for years. She finally decides to take her own family to find out what keeps them coming back.....

Discover Benelux

The perfect place for a stopover

Discover Benelux
Halles St Gery

Art, culture and history in the heart of Brussels

Italia! magazine
Home from Home

Lorenza Bacino's round up of Homestay experiences across Italy, including lake, mountain, beach, country, coast.....

Positive News
Tips for considerate travel in Costa Rica

The first direct flights from the UK to Costa Rica launch this month, making it cheaper and easier than ever before to reach this popular eco-tourism destination. But more people isn't necessarily a good thing. Lorenza Bacino offers her top tips for seeing Costa Rica in a positive way

Italy Travel and Life
A Home from Home: Exploring Italian Homestays - Italy Travel and Life

For those looking to discover Italy in a new light while enjoying different experiences and meeting new friends, homestay holidays offer an immersive and unique trip that will leave a lasting impression. Thousands of Italians are opening their doors and welcoming eager travellers to experience life as local and with numerous activities, locations and experiences ...

Italia! magazine
Preserving Pompeii

Forensic archaeologist Dr Estelle Lazer talks about her 30 year labour of love in Pompeii

Italia! magazine
Rome's Hidden Gems

Lorenza Bacino explores some of Rome's sights off the beaten track

Mums do travel
Villa Vittoria - a luxury villa in Sicily - Mums do travel

This is a guest post by Anglo-Italian journalist Lorenza Bacino, about the villa where she stayed near to the beautiful coastal town of Cefalù, Sicily. You can read more about Lorenza's trip in her post Cefalù, Sicily: travel tips and things to do.

Mums do travel
Cefalù, Sicily: travel tips and things to do - Mums do travel

This is a guest post by Anglo-Italian journalist Lorenza Bacino, about her trip to the beautiful town of Cefalù, Sicily, one of my favourite places in Italy. 'My family and I (husband, two children aged 11 and 14) were fortunate enough to enjoy a week-long spring break in Cefalù, a charming town on the north coast of Sicily about one hour's drive from Palermo.

Italia! magazine
A symphony of Aromas

Lorenza Bacino heads to the Langhe region to hunt for truffles and see what else she can find in this UNESCO heritage region

Positive News
From the Ashes

New technology reveals more about the ancient population of Pompeii

48 hours in Perugia

Lorenza Bacino finds plenty to keep her busy in the Umbrian capital, Perugia

The best gourmet Italian shops in the UK

Where: London What makes it special: The award-winning Vini Italiani in Brompton Road prides itself on selling only Italian wines Co-founder and managing director Bruno Cernecca opened his shop in 2011 and hasn't looked back since.

Mums do travel
Xandari Resort and Spa, Costa Rica - Mums do travel

This is a guest post by Anglo-Italian journalist Lorenza Bacino. In August Lorenza, her husband and their two children travelled around Costa Rica in Central America with Hands Up Holidays. This is the last in a series of articles which Lorenza has written for Mums do travel about their experiences there.

Mums do travel
Family adventures in Costa Rica - Mums do travel

This is a guest post by Anglo-Italian journalist Lorenza Bacino. In August Lorenza, her husband and their two children went on a trip to Costa Rica in Central America with Hands Up Holidays. This is the third in a series of articles by Lorenza for Mums do travel about their experiences, and in this post she covers the most adventurous part of their holiday.

Mums do travel
Family volunteering in Costa Rica - Mums do travel

This is a guest post by Anglo-Italian journalist Lorenza Bacino. In August Lorenza, her husband and their son, aged 12, and daughter, aged 9, went to Costa Rica in Central America for their family holiday and it sounds like they had a brilliant time.

Mums do travel
Parador Resort, Costa Rica - Mums do travel

This is a guest post by Anglo-Italian journalist Lorenza Bacino. In August Lorenza, her husband and their two children went to Costa Rica in Central America for their family holiday and it sounds like they had a brilliant time.

Italy Travel and Life
48 Hours In... Milan at Christmas

The city of Milan is readying itself for the festive period, and its shops and gallerias are a glittering display of opulence. Lorenza Bacino goes shopping... Here I am spending a winter weekend in Milan, Italy's hub of design, fashion and culture, and I can't wait to visit the luxurious Rinascente department store and savour the delights within this 'Harrods' of the Piazza del Duomo...

Italy Travel and Life
The Underworld of Le Marche - Italy Travel and Life

Lorenza Bacino visits the Esini Hills, a diverse and undiscovered part of Le Marche which is home to the world renowned Frasassi Caves... V isiting the Frasassi Caves in the heart of the Gola della Rossa National Park has long been on my 'to do' list.

Mums do travel
WWT London Wetland Centre - Mums do travel

This is a guest post by Lorenza Bacino, Anglo-Italian journalist and travel writer, after a family trip to the London Wetland Centre in Barnes during the summer holidays. 'I've adopted a new philosophy for the summer holidays. It's called 'Slow Parenting' and it means just that.

Sydney Alumni Magazine
Educating Tejendra

When a poor Nepali student answered a newspaper ad, it led to a scholarship that has rippled through the lives of students from around the world. Lorenza Bacino meets Dr Tejendra Pherali

The Epoch Times
Fighting Ebola in Sierra Leone

Lorenza Bacino talks to World Vision's Ebola Emergency response manager, Sarah Wilson, just back from Sierra Leone. Images courtesy of World Vision

The Epoch Times
Facing Danger to Save Lives in Democratic Republic of the Congo

The medical charity Médecins sans Frontières (MSF) works in some of the most challenging places on earth, where a lack of access to healthcare is commonplace. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), there is less than one hospital bed per thousand inhabitants and slightly more than one doctor per 10,000 people. Photo - courtesy of Pau Miranda/MSF

New Internationalist
Aunty Ji, how do I kiss?

Lorenza Bacino investigates a new Hindi-language site giving answers to all the questions Indian youth were afraid to ask. An item from the Agenda section of the magazine, where we look beyond the news curve with reports and comment on breaking stories. In India, talking about relationships and sex remains taboo.

Tower Magazine, University of Technology, Sydney
Letters of note

At 31, Gabriel van Aalst is now the chief executive of one of the world's most successful chamber orchestras - and it's all thanks to his audacious letter-writing skills. Story by Lorenza Bacino It's been quite a year for Gabriel van Aalst, the newly-appointed chief executive of the Academy of St Martin in the Fields, London.

Working the dream - RMIT Alumni magazine

Young, successful and living in New York - Amy Vale, who leads a team of 26 people as Head of Global Business Marketing and Branded Experiences at music streaming company, Spotify, planned it all from the age of 10. She tells how her vision helped her career and what it's like working in the new world of music streaming.

The Independent
Our good friend the former convict

Kathy Curran always checks the doors and windows before leaving her smart home just north of London. "I know all about security," she laughs. "I've been trained by the best." By the best, she means Brian, a career criminal who has spent nearly 30 years inside.

The Epoch Times
Finding Inspiration

Lorenza Bacino explores what to see and do on Italy's stunning Lake Garda

Sydney Morning Herald
Royal Opera House ringing to the sounds of Australian voices

Lorenza Bacino June 27, 2014 Dream come true: Sydney soprano Lauren Fagan. Photo: Chris Blott Sydney soprano Lauren Fagan never expected to win a place in the Royal Opera House's prestigious and highly competitive Jette Parker Young Artists Program.

Sydney Alumni Magazine
Indiana Bones

By Lorenza Bacino Forensic archaeologist Estelle Lazer is an expert on Pompeii. She spends most of her working life locked away in dusty vaults, trying to give ancient civilisations the life they deserve.

The Covent Garden Journal
The Life of Johnson

From Sunshine Coast to Royal Opera House Photo credit - Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University © Dou Ribou, 2013 Samuel Dale Johnson as Count Almaviva and Tabatha McFadyen as Countess Almaviva in Le nozze di Figaro at the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University © Dou Ribou, 2013

Positive News
Turtle Power

Captain June and the Dalyan Turtles

University of Melbourne, Alumni Magazine
The gallery owner: Rebecca Hossack (LLB & BA, 1978)

Every day is different in the life of Rebecca Hossack. Today is no exception. She's just celebrated 26 years of the Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery in London, partying late into the night with a variety of guests including the singer Adele, and later she's catching a plane to Hong Kong and then on to the US.

Sydney Alumni Magazine
Channelling passion

The offices of global law firm Reed Smith are on the 32nd floor in the heart of London's financial hub, with sweeping views across the city. Sarah Morton-Ramwell has been working here since 2007 and heads the corporate social responsibility and pro bono projects for Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Italy Chronicles
A Trip to Lovely Lake Iseo and Fizzy Franciacorta

Lake Iseo in Northern Italy's Lombardy region is considerably smaller and nowhere near as well known as its sister Lake Garda, but, as they say, 'small is beautiful'. Lorenza Bacino got an invitation to get to know the lake and it's bubbly surrounding area - the wine-producing Franciacorta zone.

Sydney Alumni Magazine
Natalie Bennett profile

UK Green Party Leader, and former Sydney alumni, Natalie Bennett

Positive News
New charter aims to change perceptions of migration

New charter aims to change perceptions of migration Europe / Peace & Democracy 10 Feb 2014 After 300 Eritrean asylum seekers lost their lives in a disaster at sea, a group of individuals came together to create a pact that aims to change the way we think about migration An

Sydney Alumni Magazine
Catscans & Catwalks

Lorenza Bacino meets cardiac radiographer and knitwear designer, Brooke Roberts.

Positive News
'No more', say Indian communities fighting violence against women

'No more', say Indian communities fighting violence against women 13 May 2013 It's a warm, balmy evening much like any other in the bustling Indian capital of Delhi. The streets are alive with the smells of sizzling food and the shouts of traders selling their wares.

Italy Chronicles
Seven Things to See and Do on Lake Garda - Part One

Lake Garda is Italy's largest lake at fifty miles long and 11 miles wide. Many a writer and poet have unlocked their inspiration by spending time here, attracted by the forgiving Mediterranean climate, pretty harbour towns, and the many picturesque villas.

Italy Chronicles
Seven Things to See and Do on Lake Garda - Part Two

Here's the second part of Lorenza's trip to Lake Garda in Italy in which she offers her final three tips on what to see and do there... A leisurely boat ride up the shoreline to Limone is a lovely way to enjoy the scenery on the lake as the boat stops off at several other little harbour towns along the way.

Italy Chronicles
Unexplored Marche - From the Frasassi caves to the Colli Esini

The Marche region in central Italy is vastly under-explored if you compare it to Tuscany or Umbria, but, argues Lorenza Bacino, the area deserves much more attention. After all, it's home to the biggest cave complex in Europe - the Grotte di Frasassi - in the heart of the Gola della Rossa National Park.

Mums do travel
Kelling Heath Holiday Park - Mums do travel

This is a guest post by Lorenza Bacino, Anglo-Italian journalist and travel writer. Lorenza went to check out Kelling Heath Holiday Park in Norfolk with her family on behalf of Mums do travel. Kelling Heath is designated an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Italia! magazine
48 hours in Milan

Lorenza Bacino explores Milan in Winter. Photos courtesy of Alex Roe

Mums do travel
Anthem of the Seas review - Mums do travel

This is a guest post by Lorenza Bacino, Anglo-Italian journalist and travel writer. Lorenza went to check out Anthem of the Seas, Royal Caribbean's newest ship, on behalf of Mums do travel. I've just returned from a mini-cruise on Anthem of the Seas, Royal Caribbean and the world's third largest cruise ship.

Family weekend at Potters Resort - Mums do travel

This is a guest post by Anglo-Italian journalist and travel writer Lorenza Bacino. "My two children (11 and nine) thoroughly enjoyed a fantastic two-day break at Potters Resort on the Norfolk coast this October half-term. We arrived mid-morning on Saturday, and although we couldn't check into our rooms till a bit later, we were allowed access to the on-site facilities.

How to island hop in Greece with kids - Mums do travel

Guest post by Lorenza Bacino If you think backpacking in Greece with children sounds like hard work, think again. Journalist Lorenza Bacino had been yearning to re-live her youth and do a spot of island hopping, but was reluctant to try it until the kids were a little older.

The Epoch Times
Stillness in Nature

Unwind in Turkey, with yoga and discovery Photos by Lorenza Bacino

Things to do in Rome with kids

This is a guest post by Lorenza Bacino, freelance journalist and travel writer. Lorenza's lived and worked in France, Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium and Australia and is now based in London with her family (husband and two kids aged 11 and 8). Lorenza and her family took a trip to Rome recently.

48 hours in Verona

Lorenza Bacino explores what to see and do in Verona Photos by Lorenza Bacino

The Epoch Times
Visiting Verona

Verona has much to offer the visitor beyond its Romeo and Juliet heritage. Lorenza Bacino explores. Photos - Lorenza Bacino

Things to do in Barcelona with kids

This is a guest post by Lorenza Bacino. Lorenza's a freelance journalist and travel writer. She's lived and worked in France, Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium and Australia and is now based in London with her family (husband and two kids aged 11 and 8).

World Travel Guide
Gorgeous Dalyan

Turtles, beaches, ruins and mud baths

The Simple Things
What I miss

Old fashioned petrol stations

The Simple Things
The Whisky Expert

Miss Whisky on how to enjoy the 'water of life'. Image courtesy of Alwynne Gwilt.

Italy Chronicles
Take a City Break in Verona With this Handy Guide

Italy Chronicles contributor, Lorenza Bacino has been on her Italy travels again. Last time she sampled Turin, this time round she explored Verona. April 2014 marks the 450th anniversary of the birth of Shakespeare and I found myself in the medieval Italian town of Verona, the setting of one of the bard's most famous romantic tragedies, Romeo and Juliet.

Covent Garden Journal
Good as Gold

Yoga inspired jewelry for change

Marylebone Journal
Well to do

Pampering Japanese style

The Expat Journal
Cambodia Adventure

When husband, human rights lawyer, Michiel Pestman got a job at the UN Cambodia tribunal, wife Kate and daughters joined him for the year

The Simple Things
What I miss

Castello childhood memory

The Simple Things
Slow Food

Discovering Slow Food