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Loren Stow

Freelance Features Editor, Writer & Researcher

Location icon United Kingdom

I am an accomplished freelance writer and features editor with multiple clients. I offer a range of services from planning, research and writing, to managing social media and the design thereof.

I am driven in equal part by creativity and finding structure; this means that I develop creative solutions and offerings that are within budget and delivered on time. Whether working as a team member or on my own, I am a natural self-starter driven by achieving results.

Mamas & Papas Magazine
Accidentally Addicted

Women’s lifestyle feature that raises awareness about addiction to over-the-counter pain medication

Mamas & Papas Magazine
When the world doesn't make sense

A special needs feature about Sensory Processing Disorder, how it manifests, when to seek help for your child and possible interventions

Mamas & Papas Magazine
Burn awareness 101

An in-depth feature about child safety around burn prevention

Mamas & Papas Magazine
Can you hear me?

A special needs feature about hearing loss in infancy and early childhood

Mamas & Papas Magazine
Skin to Skin Contact

A feature about meeting a newborn baby's biological need for closeness

Mamas & Papas Magazine
Keeping an eye on your child's sight

A child healthcare feature about promoting and maintaining good eye sight development in babies and children

Mamas & Papas Magazine
Turning wine into water

An inspirational true story of a family whose child survived a drowning accident

Your Baby
When good kids do bad things

Ghost-written feature about the importance of developing your child's manners as early as possible

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