Loralee Erickson

Strategist, Writer, Editor and Resourceful Problem Solver

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An achiever who rings the bells in strategy, ideation, input, and individuation. I’m a linchpin for superlative communications and I love to tell an organization's story through writing, media relations and social media. People say I’m creative, clear, compelling and collaborative. Added bonus, I'm a driver of sales.

National Pain Report
Chronic Pain Apps Make Pain Relief Just a Phone Call Away

Managing chronic pain has gotten less painful - or at least easier to keep track of. Born out Damon Lynn's own painful experience, "My Pain Diary" is an iphone app designed specifically to help people track their pain.

A Minute with Mary: Ten Ways to be a Successful Woman # 6

Tip # 6 Set goals: Achieve Your Dreams, be Happy Mary Guignon Richards You've heard of people who are an "overnight success." It makes a great headline. Yet, if you look behind the scenes, people who achieve success did so one step at a time. Lean more about achieving success!

A Minute with Mary: Ten Ways to be a Successful Woman #5

5 Give More Than You Receive Mary Guignon Richards We all have something in common with every living person on this earth: we are born, and we need the sun's energy, oxygen, water, and food to live. We need and take natural resources. Therefore, we must give back and give back more than we take.

A Minute with Mary: Changing Negative Beliefs into Positive Behavior

Mary Guignon Richards Universally, having healthy children is at the top priority in your life as a woman, as a mother. This role is one with responsibility, as well as the potential for tremendous benefits and rewards. It is unlike any other. This role crosses all religions, all ethnicities, and even time.

Nutrition Makes Anti-Aging Possible: Secrets of Your Telomeres

he 21st Century is ushering in a new era of nutritional science, demonstrating the astonishing power of nutrition to benefit human health. In this light, the search for the Fountain of Youth is no longer a fairy tale. Scientific findings now suggest that nutrition may be able to turn back the clock - at least a little bit.