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Daniel Lopez

Communications Specialist

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Temple University Klein School of Media and Communications graduate with over four years experience working as a journalist, community manager, marketer, and public relations lead.

Currently the Communications and PR Manager for the Walnut Street Theatre and Kickboxing Instructor at Balance Studios. Formerly the Visit Bucks County Communications Coordinator and En Route Marketing Communications Intern.

Bylines: GameSkinny, Philadlephia Magazine, and Philadelphia Neighborhoods


Gaming and Tech

Overwatch's Torbjörn Has A Serious Nerf On the Way

If an impenetrable wall of Torbjörn turrets have made you feel the sort of anger and despair that causes you to contemplate your existence, there's great news for you. Well, for those of you who play on a console.

Overwatch Trophy and Achievement Guide

is filled to the brim with unlockable sprays to leave your mark with, many of which can be obtained through completing the trophy (PS4) and achievement (Xbox One) challenges. These sprays in particular show off some of the spectacular gameplay feats you've accomplished, from a four-person resurrection as Mercy to nailing someone's noggin with a scoped head-shot while airborne as Widowmaker.

Neon Chrome Review: A Roguelike on 80s Sci-Fi Steroids

Death is the only guarantee in Neon Chrome. With ever-changing levels and countless ways to meet your demise, death is the only way to learn and grow stronger as the game's heroic hacker. This cyberpunk rougelike by Indie developer 10tons screams 80s sci-fi at the top of its lungs with its Tron-like atmosphere and electric piano riffs that help make up the soundtrack.

ARK celebrates one-year birthday with in-game event and dinos in hats

ARK: Survival Evolved officially turned one year old today. To celebrate its birthday week, the game is getting a fresh update that includes new creatures, XP-buffing birthday cakes, and a new dragon boss fight. Two newly-added creatures are hitting the island -- one of which is the disease-carrying leech, a.k.a the Haementeria laetus.

5 of the Best Survival RPGs You Probably Missed

The objective of the survival genre is quite simple. Survive. Though, this is much easier said than done. Survival games plop players right into the direst of situations with very little instruction and absolutely no resources. More often than not your enemies aren't bloodthirsty demons or gun-toting commando agents.

Street Fighter V Debuts Cinematic Story Mode This Month

Capcom announced new details for Street Fighter V 's much-anticipated cinematic story mode, along with in-game currency changes and upcoming single-player content arriving in the June update. The cinematic story mode titled "A Shadow Falls" will be released as free DLC by the end of this month, and contains around three to four hours of content.

Injustice 2 Leaked Ahead of E3

Seems next to impossible to keep a secret in the gaming industry lately. The sequel to NetherRealm Studio's fighter Injustice: Gods Among Us has been outed and is expected to be revealed in a few weeks during E3. Thanks to a "helpful tipster", a snapshot for what is assumed to be a promotional poster was sent to Polygon.

Balrog is Joining the Street Fighter V Roster Ahead of Schedule in Next Update

After Capcom Pro Tour's CEO 2016 tournament, Street Fighter V fans were treated to a surprise reveal trailer of Balrog and his much-sooner-than-expected release date. Capcom announced that Balrog is joining SFV's cast of World Warriors alongside Ibuki and the much-anticipated story mode update, now officially dropping July 1.

Arts and Entertainment

Philadelphia Neighborhoods
Spruce Hill: The Fuze Connects Community Members Through the Power of Words

On a recent Friday night, big, lantern-shaped yellow lights hung from the ceiling of Studio 34 and cast a warm shadow on intricate paper birds that dangled a few inches below. A variety of comfy couches, love seats and homey wooden chairs were scattered throughout the space, all facing a small stage area where a single mic stood....

Philadelphia Neighborhoods
Passyunk Square: KYL/D Director Uses Dance as a Means of Self-Discovery

"One, two, three, two, two, three and go!" Kun-Yang Lin said as he stood in front of his ensemble of professional dancers at CHI Movement Arts Center (CHI MAC) and gave notes during rehearsal of a restaged piece, "ONE/Immortal Game." The dancers portrayed human sized chess pieces and moved in a grid-like pattern to emulate a chess...

Health and Fitness

Philadelphia Magazine
For Everyone Who Misses #RunStreakPHL: A New Local Running Challenge to Try

Bonus: Your miles will go toward closing the gender gap in the tech industry. Like some rabbits need a carrot dangling in front of their face, some runners need a little motivation to get moving. Well, here's your carrot: the Philly-based non-profit TechGirlz is challenging runners to compete in a nationwide running challenge.

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