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As a Temple University Journalism student and Philadelphia Magazine intern, I have developed a knack for writing on a wide-variety of stories focused on local interests among multiple demographics within the city.
Although my strength is arts & entertainment, my time with Philadelphia Magazine as their health & fitness intern has allowed me to develop into an adaptable journalist. The publication's demographic consisted of active young women ages 20-34 who live in and around the Philadelphia area. My entire work consist of over 30 articles for the Be Well Philly website, but below are 16 pieces that showcase the range of articles I wrote for the publication. From news releases, to research-intensive guides, to personal narratives about my (not-so-successful) yoga ventures.

Philadelphia Magazine
Arbrew Day Is Coming: Celebrate Arbor Day with a Free Tree and Beer

Here, a reason to circle Arbor Day on your calendar. Make Captain Planet proud this Arbor Day by joining TreePhilly and Yards Brewing Company as they celebrate the holiday with free trees, free beer and free T-shirts for during their third annual #ArbrewDay.

Philadelphia Magazine
This Weekend: Bike the Schuylkill River Trail and Drink Free Beer with Team Foster

Show your support for a great cause and snag a free beer. Definition of a win-win, right? Imagine this: You're on a bike, pedaling from Philadelphia all the way to Cape May. (My calves are panicking just thinking about it.) That's exactly what local non-profit Team Foster plans on doing in their third annual Foster 100 this September.

Philadelphia Magazine
Fairmount Running Club Hosting Walking (Yes, Walking) Bar Crawl This Weekend

Down some brews in your running shoes. Do your friends seem to "miss" your texts or hide under the nearest piece of furniture whenever you're looking for a run buddy? As a non-runner myself, I instinctually dive behind a nearby couch at the mere mention of a morning jog.

Philadelphia Magazine
For Everyone Who Misses #RunStreakPHL: A New Local Running Challenge to Try

Bonus: Your miles will go toward closing the gender gap in the tech industry. Like some rabbits need a carrot dangling in front of their face, some runners need a little motivation to get moving. Well, here's your carrot: the Philly-based non-profit TechGirlz is challenging runners to compete in a nationwide running challenge.

Philadelphia Magazine
I Tried It: A 20-Year-Old Guy's Very First Yoga Class

"Just relax your leg!" the doctor said with a smirk while shaking my suspended limb back and forth. "My leg is relaxed, it just refuses to bend!" I responded with a hint of frustration and embarrassment in my voice. I was 13 years old when my pediatrician sent me to St.

Philadelphia Magazine
What 5 Philly Healthy-Eating Pros Eat Before a Night of Drinking

Going out for one too many drinks might be fun in the moment, but the hangover the next day is never a good time. The next morning can make you feel like your body and last night's choices are in a Drake- versus Meek Mill-level feud.

Philadelphia Magazine
Hangover Helpers: 5 Philly Juices to Reach for After a Rough Night

These aren't guaranteed to cure your killer headache - but they are healthier options than your usual hangover drink of choice, 7Up. While hitting the bars around Philly can make for a great night, it doesn't usually make for a great morning after, especially when your liver's personal thank you note comes in the form of a pounding headache and a mouth as dry as the Sahara.

Philadelphia Magazine
How Many Calories Are in Your Favorite Girl Scouts Cookies?

Need-to-know info before your next cookie-eating frenzy. The Girl Scout Cookie season is in full swing, bringing tons of tasty treats that test how strong your willpower truly is. The siren song of the Do-si-dos coming from the pantry has led many to the bottom of an empty box in record time, baffled and slightly afraid of their own appetite.

Philadelphia Magazine
Find Your Running Buddies: The Ultimate Guide to Running Groups Around Philly

Find some friends to share the pain - and maybe a post-run beer! - with. The pain of a good workout is all the more bearable when you have a buddy to share it with. For whatever strange (and slightly twisted) reason, seeing someone else struggle alongside you provides a rush of adrenaline to go that extra mile.

Philadelphia Magazine
Cheap Yoga: 39 Philly-Area Yoga Classes for $10 or Less

Studios around Philly where you can get your downward dog on without emptying your wallet. Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years by people in pursuit of inner peace, self-enlightenment and the all-important ability to touch their toes.

Philadelphia Magazine
Your Weekend Workout Playlist: Beats to Unleash the Beast

Hip-hop music has always had a knack for convincing me I'm a whole lot stronger than I really am. There are certain tracks that make me trade in my 25 pound dumbbells for some 35s - and it doesn't take long for me to realize I may have overestimated my abilities just a tad, but that mindset is exactly what you need to step your game up.