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I am currently receiving my MA in Creative Writing at Ohio University. I graduated with a BA in English from Hanover College with a vast background of various interests. I have explored a wide range of potential career paths ranging from education to public relations to creative writing. The one constant through all of it has been my talent and passion for all things journalism. I have over a decade of various experiences as both a freelance journalist and a full time staff reporter and writer.

Though my greatest strength lies in my writing and creativity, I have experience in all media from video production to social media. I have a deep passion for both sports and arts/entertainment, but have also covered various news stories and done several feature and editorial pieces. I am extremely hard working, self-motivated, have a strong love for knowledge and story telling, and am always looking to learn and improve both my writing and other journalistic skills.

Below are a selection of my clips covering various sides of the journalistic spectrum.


Articles - Feature/Editorial

Cross-country runner inspires Hanover students

Like the title character in "Forrest Gump," who makes a cross-country trek to get over a lost love, this summer Kelcey Harrison will run more than 3,500 miles from New York City to San Francisco. Followed by the media and inspiring thousands, the journey will honor a childhood friend who died from lung cancer at age 22.

Soccer squad welcomes three Chileans

By Logan Wells '15 Walk down the streets of Santiago, Chile - or anywhere else in the sub-equatorial South American nation - and you're likely to find someone, somewhere playing soccer, or what the Chileans call fĂștbol. It's not just a national pastime; the people take it as seriously as Texans do their version of the game.


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Reluctant computer science major creates video exergame

As a young boy, Nate Blanchard may not have wanted to follow in his father's footsteps and become a computer scientist, but he always liked video games and sports. Last summer, the senior was able to combine those two interests at the prestigious game2learn lab at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, working on an exergame called "Washboard: Gut Killer," for Microsoft's Kinect for Xbox 360.

Articles - Coverage

Title Defenses, Upsets and More - DIII Nationals

A mix of expected outcomes and surprises headlined the 2013 NCAA Division III Cross Country National Championship in Hanover, Indiana earlier today. Muddy and cold conditions made for difficult racing throughout the day. The women's race had very few surprises as Johns Hopkins University repeated as national champions with a score of 85 points to runner-up Williams College's 137 points.

NCAA Division III Cross Country Championships - Men's and Women's Preview

The field is set for the 2013 NCAA Division III Men's and Women's cross country championship. The event will be held this Saturday at the L.S. Ayers Sports Complex on the campus of Hanover College in Hanover, Indiana. This is the third time the event has been held in Hanover, with the last being in 2008.


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