Logan Kegley

Marketing & Communications Manager, Blue Owl Workshop

Location icon United States of America

Seattle based Marketing Manager specializing in short-form fashion editorials.



A Beginners Guide to: Cuffing Your Jeans | Blue Owl Workshop

Well, you made it. You finally found yourself that pair of jeans that'll be your entry to the world of raw denim. Congratulations, and welcome to the club. Before you can start breaking in your newest purchase, you have another important decision to make: "How do you plan on wearing these?"

Brand Spotlight: N. Hoolywood | Blue Owl Workshop

Nestled inside a humble building in Tokyo's bustling shopping district of Shibuya lies the store Mister Hollywood, an ode to classic, vintage themes built around modern design. From the outside, the store resembles that of an old roadside motel just off the strip of Sunset Blvd., dressed in sun-aged paint and flickering string lights, fitting for a storefront with the given name.

Brand Spotlight: Vermilyea Pelle | Blue Owl Workshop

Roughly 150 miles east of Seattle sits the Central Washington town of Wenatchee, WA. The city, primarily known for it's abundant apple orchards and horses, is where Dustin Spencer, the founder and craftsman behind Vermilyea Pelle, first fell in love with leather working.


Get to Know Fremont: Gasworks Park | Blue Owl Workshop

As the self proclaimed "Center of the Universe," our neighborhood of Fremont has no shortage of landmarks to see upon visiting. From world-famous sandwich shops, to nationally acclaimed breweries and coffee shops, Fremont comes fitted with it's fair share of national and local favorites alike.

Get to Know Fremont: Milstead & Co. Coffee | Blue Owl Workshop

This month we introduce an on-going series to our blog/newsletter based around our very own Seattle neighborhood, Fremont. Proudly known as the "Center of the Universe," the quirky neighborhood of Fremont is home to a number of Seattle's best local businesses.

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