Leah Dunton

Fall 2018 J1 Student

Location icon United States

I took this class to learn more about the things that go into journalism including designing, writing stories, and interviewing people. I also took this class because I want to do either newspaper or yearbook in the future so I wanted to be prepared and educated on what it would take to be successful in those classes.
I can use what I learned in the future because I now know how to make a digital design and write stories which will really help me later in English classes and in college.
I really enjoyed making designs and writing stories in this class even though it was challenging of me.
I did not enjoy the law and ethics unit because it took a very long time and was all individual.



story and design

It is really cool to look back and see how much my writing skills have grown. My design on this project could be a lot better but I think it was good for my first time.

Document Hackers Revison/ leads/ using quotes/ headlines

Hacker story= This was a good introduction to learning how to write. It is also cool to see how much my writing skills have grown. Leads= This was a great assignment because it taught me how to write leads for various situations. It also taught me different kinds of leads. I realized that I have trouble coming up with a lead. Using quotes= This was a good assignment if you do not know how to use quotes properly. Joe Schmo is very silly. Headlines= This was actually a pretty difficult...

1600 news story and design

I really loved this project. It was fun interviewing my grandpa and then making a story about him. I also enjoyed seeing how much my writing skills have grown.


Pancake perfection

It feels like we did this assignment just yesterday and it is crazy that we did it all the way at the beginning of the year. This project was a good introduction to indesign.


This project was very hard for me because I could not come up with any design ideas or a lot of tidbits. I eventually got to the needed amount of information but it was very hard for me because I am not very good at designing.

Pathfinder/ typography/ directing design and typography

Pathfinder= I think it is really crazy to think back to when making a simple circle on indesign was difficult. I have grown a lot in my designing skills since this project. Typography= I thought this assignment was pretty fun because it lets you be creative and make word art. It was sometimes hard to come up with designs but once you had an idea it was not that hard. Directing design and typography= This project was fun because you got to search the internet to find certain examples of...


1600 slideshow/ promos

slideshow= This project was pretty fun because I enjoyed learning to edit audio and get better with iMovie. I also enjoyed it because I thought it was really cool how we used the person we interviewed voice in the slideshow. promos= This was a very simple assignment but it still helped make my slideshow better. I learned about new apps and how to make short promos.


Copy of Photoshop Edits

This was a very simple project and I liked it. It was helpful because it taught me the basics of photoshop and how to use the program.

iPhone Photo Shoot

During this project, it was very hard for me to take pictures for all the needed categories. I think it was hard for me because I do not have a lot of experience with photography so it was very new to me/