LeeMarie Kennedy

Communications Consultant with Cross-Industry Experience in Copywriting, Editing, Marketing, Social Media Strategy & Execution, Website Content & Technical Writing

United States of America

I'm a Boston-based copywriter with experience writing and editing for print, news, marketing and fundraising publications, executive communications, technical manuals, proposals, speeches, blogs, digital and social media. I offer high-level thinking and tactics across multiple mediums and platforms with attention to detail in deadline-driven, fast paced environments.



Elite Daily
16 Things All 30-Somethings Should Stop Apologizing For This Year

If you were to ask me for an educated guess on the number of times I said a mindless "I'm sorry" in 2015, you'd better have a scientific calculator and some time to kill. I lost track somewhere around 3 am on New Year's Day. (Although odds are, most of those were justified.)

Elephant Journal
Say It Loud, Get It Out: How to Own Your Creative Identity.

Via LeeMarie Kennedy on Jan 3, 2016 One of the attendees (let's call her Margaret Smith) listed herself as "Writer." No fancy magazine name was propping her job title up in italics. There wasn't a publishing house or dot com address affiliating her claim below. Simply the words "Self-Employed."


Strategic Planning

Travel & Leisure/ Blogs


After a week drinking carefully cultivated coffee in Antigua and becoming the world's foremost surfing expert in El Paredon, I parted ways with new friends with old souls and hopped on a shuttle to Lake Atitlan.

Secretary of Shenanigans
Foodler is Ruining My (Social) Life.

It all started out innocently enough.... I grew tired of the whopping panic attack that is ordering takeout. "Hi there! I'd like a large order of crazy noodles with duck, an appetizer sampler, a small order of cold sesame noodles, mango rice and a lemon Vitamin Water."

White Water Rafting With Geriatric Boricuas

Trans Mateo Tours was a small but dedicated group of customer service representatives, drivers, trip leaders and the like who sat behind the counter of a gated up office in downtown San Jose. The owner, Enrique, perched on a stool all day, greeting travelers in need of advice, adventure, airport transport and everything in between.