Lisa Lute

Curriculum and Instruction/Instructional Design

United States

I am an instructional designer at Daytona State College, a role I have undertaken following a rewarding career of nearly two decades as an English and Fine Arts educator.

My passion lies in crafting engaging curricula and designing effective instructional strategies. One of the highlights of my journey has been the creation of courses within different Learning Management Systems, including Moodle, Canvas, and D2L. This experience has allowed me to develop online courses spanning English (levels 1-4), film studies, public speaking, journalism, and creative writing.

At present, I am proud to serve as the department specialist for H5P—a user-friendly web-based tool enabling the creation of interactive activities tailored for online classes.

Beyond academia, my background features roles as a reporter for two newspapers and an editor for various trade organization newsletters. These experiences have honed my writing prowess and layout skills, further enriching my diverse skill set.


Course Building

Articulate 360 - Rise
Southen Gothic Literature

This is a short course I am building on Southern Gothic literature. Please note - it is not quite complete and has not been proofread.

Google Slides
Canvas Course Module

This is a module I built in Canvas for English 4 while I was working at a charter school for pregnant and parenting teens.

Curriculum and Instruction

Instructional Assistance
Research paper booklet

This is a booklet I put together to assist my English 3 and 4 students who were writing research papers.

Created Resources for Faculty




Updated resume 4/13/23

Resume Using Canva

This is an older resume of mine. Canva is an online design and publishing tool that can be used with Canvas.


OLC Instructional Designer Certificate Program

The earner of this badge has successfully completed all four courses of the program, including activities that demonstrate online instructional design competency, such as: developing an online course development process outline/schedule, identifying strategies/resources for creating online faculty development experiences, applying learning theories to relevant teaching scenarios, identifying strategies for staying current with emerging practices, and applying the OSQCR rubric and review process.