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Lydia Brandriff

Forward Thinking, People-Savvy Marketing Professional

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Hello, my name is Lydia Brandriff. I am a digital marketing professional with five years of customer engagement and sales experience. I craft content that encourages conversation and drives online activity and sales, in addition to serving as a face and voice of the brand. Project management and driving conversions and website traffic through SEM or organic reach are some of my strengths, as well as crafting written content for blogs, websites, and social media pages.

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Introducing the Jacques Herbin Premium Line!

Exciting things are happening at Goulet Pens! For years, inks like Jacques Herbin 1670 Emerald of Chivor and Herbin Eclat de Saphir have been incredibly popular in both bottle and ink sample sizes due to their amazing colors and great writing properties. The

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An Unfortunate Fall: A Tale from the Fountain Pen Files

Fountain pens quickly become a vital and enjoyable part of our everyday lives once we fall down the rabbit hole. But with the joy, comes the potential for some sadness too. In this post, Lydia, one of our community coordinators, flexed her creative muscle to craft this

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Dapper Desk: 7 Pens For The Polished Writer

Fountain pens add a certain level of class and elegance to any situation. They can elevate any outfit they are paired with and add a hint of distinct excitement to the most mundane of writing tasks. They can have a modern design or a look reminiscent of

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Colorverse Morning Star: A Goulet Inksploration

Hello, fountain pen friends! It's Lydia, bringing you some exciting news. Welcome to our new monthly feature, Inksploration! Many of you have been asking when or if our beloved weekly Monday Matchup giveaways would be coming back after our holiday hiatus. We are happy to announce

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Edison Nouveau Premiere Trunk Bay: 2019 Spring Seasonal Edition Fountain Pen

Take a trip with us, to a warm sunny beach in a tropical paradise. Hear the waves lapping lightly against the white sand. The palm trees are swaying lazily overhead and you can see birds playfully swooping and soaring in the distance. You close your eyes and breathe in the full aroma of tropical bliss.

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7 Fun Things Happening in Our Facebook Group, Goulet Nation

Photo Credit: Ishmael S. Since it's creation almost 1 year ago, our Facebook group, Goulet Nation, has grown into a large, diverse, fun group of fountain pen fans from all over the globe. It's been quite thrilling to see how this community of people has developed

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10 Everyday Uses for a Traveler's Notebook, Chosen by You!

The Traveler's Company leather notebooks are a well-loved staple of many fountain pen lover's everyday carry picks. These cowhide covers are completely customizable and can be adapted to fit any situation where you could use more organization. This much freedom can be a little overwhelming though

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Pick This, Not That: Fountain Pen Gift Ideas

Shopping for new and exciting gifts every holiday season can be exhausting. If you are looking for a little help in jazzing up your gift giving this year, you've come to the right place. In this gift guide, we will

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GIVEAWAY: Love and Loss Every Fountain Pen Fan Understands Have you ever felt the sting of a prized fountain pen going missing without a trace? How about the joy of finding an ink that performs so beautifully that you can almost hear the angel choruses singing as you write?