Lizzie Bourne

Creative writer

United Kingdom

A writer and actor, I've worked across the world writing for and acting with theatre companies and film crews. Whilst living in Chicago (for three years, until 2020), I wrote on-demand poetry with infamous typewriter crew Poems While You Wait. Through my business In Your Own Words, I find the words for (and often officiate) weddings, funerals and other meaningful events.

pole dancing - Body Talk zine issue 1

"You haven't seen the videos of Angela pole dancing?!" My aunt is incredulous and high-pitched as she starts opening Facebook. "You have to see them. They're just awful!" I settle next to her on the sofa as my aunt locates one of the videos Angela has uploaded of herself in a sports bra and pole heels.

In Your Own Words

Four friends, one global pandemic, and 100 hours of Zoom to commemorate.

Coronaverses Collective
In pursuit of grace

Published in the second edition of this zine, available in print only, raising money for Help Musicians

In Your Own Words

Commissioned in celebration of the life of Joan, by her son.

Whoop 'n' Wail
A music box, a nice jumper and the shipping forecast.

Guest blogger, actress and playwright Lizzie Bourne is looking forward to seeing how the truth will out. Alice Bonifacio directed me in 'Amadeus' at the University of Edinburgh - a brilliant experience from start to finish. So when she asked if I'd be interested in being directed by her again, in 'Three Women in a...

Finding your words: how can I talk about anti-racism as a white person?

How are you feeling? @cooldiscorich I think that since George Floyd was murdered and a subsequent movement began in parts of the Western world, I've been feeling a combination of motivated, confused and extremely anxious. You may have recently found out you are white, instead of never having considered your race.

Embellishing the Ordinary

In collaboration with Embellishing the Ordinary, this piece was created with the brief 'Jardin Majorelle' for a charity exhibition.