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Travel writer

United States

Based between Bali, USA and Australia.

Southeast Asia Globe
On Bali, Ubud's macaques adapt as tourist bananas disappear

Though the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has drained Bali of its tourism economy, the primate residents of one of its formerly popular sites are still making a steady living. The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary is a small remnant of native forest, a densely wooded, 12.5 hectare park containing three temples that local Balinese near the town of Ubud have used as a sacred site for more than 700 years.

Southeast Asia Globe
As tourist numbers dwindle, food security on the mind of Bali's residents

A short 25 minute motorcycle ride from Ubud down to Denpasar in Bali is the family compound of Brenda Ritchmond. She is the owner of Bali Buda, a chain of healthy food cafes and stores on the Indonesian tourist island. Brenda's customers are mostly expats who have stayed or live in Bali, and increasingly, middle-class Indonesians.

Jakarta Globe
Imagining Singapore's Writers

" Rudyard Kipling damned us," Rosemary Lim says ruefully. "He disliked Singapore so much, that he wouldn't write about us." It's tempting to disagree with Lim, my literary tour guide -- after all, Kipling's famous exhortation to travelers, "Feed at Raffles when visiting Singapore," was used for decades as an advertising tagline by the Sarkies brothers, who founded the famous downtown plantation-style hotel.

Jakarta Globe
A Tenth Life for S'pore's Strays

People come to Neko no Niwa to relax, unwind and have an experience that they can't find any other way Samuel Chua, co-owner, Neko no Niwa cat cafeNeko no Niwa's owners want their cafe to highlight the extent of the homeless feline problem in Singapore.

Hue story

On a bicycling tour in a wet, rainy Hue, I lost my group.

At Singapore's Changi Airport, a layover is also a vacation

A traveler on a 12-hour layover actually actually runs out of time in her exploration of Singapore's Club Changi,which bills itself as "the World's Best Airport," having won hundreds of Best Airport awards from a variety of organizations since it opened in 1981.