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International Women's Day 2021: Inspirational Women to celebrate

We obviously don't need a holiday to tell us how incredible women are; but it's good to know that March 8th stands for a global reminder to champion women in our community. So this year's International Women's Day, FRUK is highlighting women all around the world kicking ass despite all odds.

Black-owned fashion brands doing incredible things around the world

Get to know the brilliant, Black-owned fashion brands empowering the community, giving back and breaking boundaries despite prevailing circumstances or location. Not too long ago, it was difficult to find or buy Black-owned brands because there weren't enough platforms celebrating them and resources were limited.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris make history in the 2020 US election

The world witnessed a historic moment last night; Joe Biden wins the 2020 US presidential election and becomes the 46th president of the United States. Candidates needed 270 votes to win the election and Biden has won with over 290 projected electoral votes, according to CNN at the time of this writing.

2020 Winter Accessories To Invest In Now | FRUK MAGAZINE

Shorter days, darker nights, winter is around the corner, but the cold weather doesn't mean abandoning all sense of style. Fortunately, adding the right winter accessories to your ensemble not only elevates your look but also adds class and taste.

Incredible Self-care Hacks for 2021 | FRUK MAGAZINE

Last year put unprecedented strain on our mental health and overall wellbeing; but if there's one thing we've learnt so far - practicing self-care is truly important and can help us get through anything. Although we are over the stress of 2020 and pushing through 2021 with hope; we must remember to continue to protect our mental, physical and emotional health.

Toxic Cosmetic and Skincare Ingredients to Avoid | FRUK MAGAZINE

Not long ago, I was completely clueless of toxic and harmful ingredients in cosmetic and skincare products. But thanks to extensive research and learning about the ingredients, you can find natural products that are free from these harmful chemicals.

Best Facial Massaging Tools To Buy Now | FRUK MAGAZINE

Who remembers when high-tech beauty tools weren't so accessible and we needed the experts and dermatologists to help us out. But times have changed and now these skincare devices are very much available everywhere. From non-invasive light therapies to facial rollers; these devices can truly give your beauty routine the ultimate boost.

The Best Makeup Products for Black Women | FRUK MAGAZINE

Lately, black women have been able to find their foundation shades, and this is all thanks to brilliant brands like Iman Cosmetics and most recently, Fenty Beauty who have changed the game. Ultimately sparking discussions about diversity and inclusivity in the beauty industry.