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Elizabeth Neidich

Aspiring Editor

Location icon United States of America

I am a recent graduate of the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelor of Arts degree in creative writing and communications as well as a certificate in journalism. I am incredibly passionate about writing and editing, and I am currently in pursuit of a career in this field. I have writing and editing experience with Halftime Magazine -- a bimonthly publication for the marching arts.


Q&As and Product Updates

Halftime Magazine
Gear UP

Reviews and information about Yamaha Silent Brass and Comply foam plugs.

Halftime Magazine
Direct From... Gallant Entertainment

Drumlines for professional sports int he northeastern United States have kicked it up a notch with the talents of Gallant Entertainment.

Noteworthy Stories

Halftime Magazine

Stories include "Travel 101," "Los Angeles HS Band Performs with Pharrell" and "Blue Knights in Taiwan."

Halftime Magazine

Stories include "Hornrank Weighs in on Best Bands," "Colts Receive Medical Grant," "Crash Detroit" and "100+ BPM in NYC."

Feature Stories

Halftime Magazine
DCA Turns Golden

The Drum Corps Associates (DCA) organization celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Halftime Magazine
Fueling Your Body

Proper nutrition and hydration are obviously needed to keep your body in good working order. But how much--and what--should you consume during your marching season?

Halftime Magazine
Music Majors in Marching Band

As one of the largest music ensembles on college campuses, marching bands typically have students majoring in a variety of degrees. For music majors, this diversity can be both a positive and negative experience during their school years.

Halftime Magazine
DCI 2014 Champions

The 2014 Drum Corps International World Championships broke new ground. The Blue Devils received a record score with "Felliniesque" to win its 16th gold medal. The Bluecoats defied standards and norms with "Tilt" while The Cadets explored the spirit of our country with "Promise: An American Portrait."

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