Liz McShane

Freelance Journalist

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Writer by day, bartender by night.
Living in Somerville, MA

Boston's Pinball Wizard

The dark pool hall is milling with women laughing, sipping beer, and introducing themselves to each other. Then a tall, bearded man with a broad smile steps onto a bar stool, towering over the crowd.

A Spoon Story

I went out for ice cream recently (it’s a frequent habit of mine) and as I was waiting in line my mind was more focused on what I was going to be eating with than on my flavor options. I was thinking about plastic spoons.

The Daily Free Press
Here, kitty kitty

You've got to be kidding me. I am writing an essay on that samething for CollegeHumor," said Streeter Seidell, Executive Editor and Writer for CollegeHumor Media, in an email. He was referencing a phenomenon that began in 2007 with the popularization of an image of a chubby, grey cat asking "I can has cheezburger?"

Talking Writing
Press Release

Press release for Talking Writing's fall 2017 writing contest