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Cadaver dogs: attending camp with the canines trained to smell death

A YMCA summer camp is a strange place to be at 8:30am on a cold fall morning. The blue-painted buildings stand deserted now that summer has passed; most of the buildings are locked up tight with huge metal padlocks. Old hinges shriek with each gust of wind that catches them.

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Upper East Side

H oney pot, vajayjay, lady garden. We've got a lot of names for vaginas, but when it comes to their happiness and well-being, we tend to clam up, so to speak.

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A look inside the Puck building's $58M penthouse

To describe the Puck building as "Soho's most notable landmark" - as the building's marketing material does - might be a bit of a stretch. But the red-brick property at 293 Lafayette Street in Soho is certainly noteworthy thanks to its rich publishing history (Puck Magazine, 1871-1918) and its two cheeky little gilded Puck statues perched above the entrance and the northeast corner of the building.

PUNCH | The Extras: How (and When) to Garnish with a Flamed Orange Peel

Measuring a cocktail and stirring or shaking it properly are undoubtedly the most important aspects of drink-making. But what about all the other stuff? Welcome to "The Extras," a recurring feature wherein we break down the details that make a drink look-and taste-good.

PUNCH | Five Modern Riffs on the Classic Pimm's Cup

To think of Pimm's is to conjure images of idyllic English summers: boat shows on the Thames, Wimbledon, cream cakes and fresh strawberries enjoyed on green lawns, cricket and garden parties interrupted by unexpected rain showers. It's a drink that defines not just a season, but a culture, too.

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Greenwich Village

Way back when the gentlemen who ran France's Champagne houses met their untimely ends, their widows - or, en Fran├žais, their veuves - found themselves running the show. There was Madame Lily Bollinger, Mathilde Emilie Laurent-Perrier and Louise Pommery, but certainly Barbe-Nicole Clicquot Ponsardin, also known as the Veuve Clicquot, might just be the most famous of them all.

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Greenwich Village

F or die-hard coffee aficionados trying the Paleo diet, which discourages caffeine, the concept of replacing the morning brew with a cup of bone broth may be hard to swallow. Tell that to the folks at Springbone Kitchen, a cozy sun-filled restaurant at 90 West 3rd Street - just a stone's throw from Washington Square Park.

PUNCH | Five New School Summer Punches

From its alleged invention by sailors of the British East India Company after their beer turned rancid to the Founding Fathers celebrating the signing of the Declaration of Independence with 76 different bowls, punch has often served as a festive vehicle for consuming copious amounts of alcohol.

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For a fleeting moment, a look at the Tribeca of our dreams

A simple mix up on StreetEasy has given us a glimpse into a dreamland. It's the kind of world where you can eat pizza every day and not feel guilty, a world where you can own 11 puppies and not have to worry about leaving them home alone, and a world where you can rent a newly built two-bedroom Tribeca condo for $1,500 per month.

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LLNYC takes you inside Robert Duffy's $17M Greenwich Village townhouse

At 62 West 12th Street stands a red-brick, rather modest looking townhouse. It's neither spectacularly tall, nor is it spectacularly wide - five stories and 20 feet, for anyone concerned with exacts. It is however, owned by Robert Duffy, the co-founder and longtime president of Marc Jacobs, meaning it's almost certain to be, well...